Robocon National Tournament Winner

 This time, I would like to introduce the work of my son, who is in the 18th grade of elementary school.Won the national championship at the "32th Shibaura Institute of Technology Robot Seminar National Convention" held by Shibaura Institute of Technology.This year, 1750 top prizewinners from 135 people from XNUMX locations nationwide gathered and competed on the Toyosu campus.
 Prior to the national competition, there was a three-day robot seminar at Shibaura Institute of Technology in August, and a robot production and local competition was held.Participating in this type is a type called "boxer", which is a full-scale kit that conveys the organizer's commitment and robot love with the elaborate mechanism of walking on six legs instead of wheels.

 The boy's machine this time actually had a reference example.The movie that was playing in the classroom during the lunch break on the first day of the seminar was a hint.The content is a video of a carpenter, Grandpa, helping her grandson make a robot, moving her body backwards, extending her arms and attaching an underlay to the front.My son wasn't interested in decoration at all and said, "I just want to make it stronger," so I happened to see the movie and hit it off with my son, "Let's go with a shitajiki strategy!"On that day, I finished buying what I thought I needed at a nearby home center.

 Assembly work on the second day.First of all, I thought that it would be assembled normally, and when I looked into the situation in the afternoon, suddenly assuming remodeling, ignoring the manual, using the base in reverse, the body behind, and even the arm gear, upside down, the motor It's been a runaway to assemble like a head.It may have been devised so that the arm faces downward as much as possible.As a result, it was a nice decision.My son finished assembling early, cut the PVC board that he bought the day before, forcibly fixed it with vinyl tape, and immediately started playing in a battle.However, the underlay does not work well because it is fluffy.It was nicknamed "Shitajiki-kun" by the people around him.
 It was a long time from here on this day.After the seminar, I went to the office with his son and started remodeling.I didn't do any decorations and just focused on making it stronger.Here, I made only one wisdom based on the information I searched on the net.The weight limit of 1 kg is the weight without the battery, so if you put the battery of the remote control on the main body side, you can add more weight by the weight of the battery.There are two extra recommon wires.If you use those two, you can move the battery from the remote control to the main unit relatively easily.In addition, I helped with difficult parts such as making the arm and fixing the underlay.
Due to unusual modifications, screw heads and frames may interfere with each other, movement may be strange, noise may be heard, and unexpected problems may occur frequently.Each time, I pursued the cause and adjusted with my son, saying, "No, not this."However, this is the "joy of manufacturing".I searched for a weight that could be used in the company and brought it closer to 1kg.On that day, the two of us managed to complete it until 11:2 in the middle of the night.I think it was a valuable experience for my boy to improve the degree of perfection by repeating trial and error until the last minute.


 Day 3 Local tournament.He won all the qualifying leagues without danger, and on this day his nickname was promoted from "Shitajiki-kun" to "Strongest-kun".I thought that the final tournament would continue to win, but in the semi-final, I hurriedly pulled the code of the remote control just before the time limit, and unfortunately ended in 3rd place.Although he was frustrated and weeping, he was qualified to participate in the national competition.

 There were no major modifications for the national tournament, but the challenges I felt at the local tournament were improved.One is to make the underlay transparent.With a black underlay, you cannot see your feet and there is a risk of stepping off.The second is the modification of the remote control with the information obtained from the net.In many cases, the arm is moved up and down carelessly due to an erroneous operation, so a push button was inserted to prevent the erroneous operation.

 And the national convention.The size and weight are limited.However, the movement of the suspension is light.In the qualifying league, the underlay caught on the 6mm step and I couldn't attack, so I ended up drawing several times, but in the second half I got the knack of how to overcome the step, and on that day I decided to win without losing.
 In this competition, I think the type that scoops up from the bottom is the most advantageous.For the scooping part, except for my son's machine, I used a metal plate or paper, but the advantage of the PVC plate is that it is highly flexible, so it is easy to press it against the ground and make it adhere, and even if you play against the same type, you can dive underneath. is.Also, even if it was scooped from the bottom, it was flexible and did not leave, and on the contrary, there were some scenes that turned to attack.Another point to keep in mind is that it is easy to maintain the set screw because you will be competing for a long time at the competition.If there is a center of gravity on the back side, it will easily turn over, so be careful about that point as well.I saw several modified aircraft with the body lying down and lowering the center of gravity. (It was a strong enemy) Also, adjusting the suspension is an important factor that determines the outcome, whether it is attacking or running away.

 This time, while following my son's intentions, I am helping at key points, but when I think about it, I also remembered that my father helped me a lot with the work of elementary and junior high schools.Some may criticize that if parents help, the creativity and independence of the child will be impaired.But I think it's a shame, as I actually make creation a living.On the contrary, it is a valuable opportunity to experience the real thrill of manufacturing and the sense of accomplishment at a higher level, and I think that experience will be a source of food for the future.

 Finally, all the people involved in Shibaura Institute of Technology who supported us enthusiastically and kindly, our son's friends who rushed to the national convention and gave us enthusiastic support, and the rivals we met at the venue who cheered us on. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of us.