Vintage Mansion Renovation 1 Charm of Vintage Mansion

We performed design supervision at our company Vintage mansion renovationFrom the above example, I would like to share the appeal and points to keep in mind about the renovation of a vintage apartment in several parts.

| Comparison of new and vintage apartments

Mita Tsunamachi Park Mansion / Renovation 1 Attractiveness of Vintage Mansion

I think that many people who buy apartments are troubled by new construction or second-hand.
Newly built condominiums are attractive with a brand-new atmosphere, the latest equipment, and ample common areas.
On the other hand, the attractiveness of vintage apartments is generally excellent location, good old quality and quality, spacious site environment and so on.

| Pleasure unique to vintage apartments

But the big difference is not the only one.

Newly built condominiums make it difficult to stick to materials and storage. These days, vinyl and sheet fake materials are used, not only for wallpaper and fittings, but also for flooring in some cases. Even if they can be upgraded, it is impossible to stick to the details of the fittings and the details.
By contrast, vintage condominiums are already aging, so it is more realistic to purchase a pre-renovation property and create everything from layout to materials and storage as desired.
In other words, a vintage apartment can create a space with the same attention as a custom-built house. (Of course, even if it is a new construction, if you have the financial resources, you can destroy everything and rebuild it, but I think it is inevitable to destroy anything you do not use in the first place)

This is where the architects come to play.

Mita Tsunamachi Park Mansion / Renovation 1 Attractiveness of Vintage Mansion