Vintage Mansion Renovation 5 Furniture

Vintage mansion renovationThe materials used in the renovation are summarized. The last is furniture. (The picture shows the detail of the hand-cutting of Muku wood)

| Solid walnut (peeled board)

The built furniture is usually made of plywood made of thin wood called veneer, but this time we used solid walnut. Even if it is made of solid wood, the surface materials used are quite large, so we use a peeled board, which is a wide wood board that has been glued to the wood end. It may be easier to imagine if it is a wide version of glulam.

The solid material of this walnut is delicately dyed gray and painted with urethane.

The attraction of solid wood is, first of all, the texture. There is a sense of quality that can not be obtained even with thick veneer.

And overwhelming is the beauty of the details. The solid atmosphere, such as handles and openings, is unique to solid wood.

The peeled board is hard to warp like glued wood, but there is a risk of warping depending on the use conditions, so it is recommended only for those who can understand that point.

Mita Tsunamachi Park Mansion / Renovation Furniture

(Furniture combining solid wood and COR-TEN steel)

| Coulten Steel

Solid wood furniture tends to be heavy and heavy in design. Therefore, this time, the top plate, side plate, and the iron plate are combined to make a sharp design. The material used is SuperCFC, a manufacturer of the front, which is made of phosphoric acid on corten steel, lightly polished by hand, and painted clear.

Mita Tsunamachi Park Mansion / Renovation Furniture

(The sharpness and solid texture of the CORTEN steel)

| Sile Stone

The top plate of the kitchen is L-shaped, and the top plate is divided into two. The material adopted Spanish artificial stone sile stone.

Artificial stone made from crystal is hard, clean and the ideal material for kitchen tops. Aika and other similar products are on the market these days, but sile stones and Caesar stones are still textured and have a long day.

It is also attractive that there is a large format up to width 1400x length 3000.

Mita Tsunamachi Park Mansion Renovation Sile Stone

(Details of corners with rounded edges. Hard material but soft touch to hand.)

| Range hood

Although it is not a material, we also stuck to the range hood.

Since this apartment has a ceiling height of 2400 and a concrete ceiling, the height of the existing hood is too low.

In addition, the wall is beautifully laid out with 1200x600mm large format tile joints without odd dimensions. The ready-made range hood cannot be matched with the tiles.

Therefore, a range hood with a width of 1200 mm, which is the same as the tile, was specially ordered, and only 300 mm in height was designed to exhaust horizontally.

Mita Tsunamachi Park Mansion / Renovation Range Hood

(Range hood that is perfect for the tile joint. The shadow projected by the downlight is aligned with the tile joint.)

The point of attention is not exhausted yet, but this series ends once.

Mita Tsunamachi Park Mansion / Renovation Furniture