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This time, the domain used for 10 years since its foundation
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The domain has been changed to. Also the address of this website
It becomes. The part of the e-mail address below @ will be changed to
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"" can be registered as a domain for companies by "only one company registered in Japan", and only 1% of listed companies use it.

What is synapse


Synapse Synapse = Syn Syn (together) + Apse apse (apiros = separated)


There are a huge number of XNUMX billion neurons (neurons) in the brain. These neurons exchange information with each other to process vast amounts of information from the inner world such as the external world or internal organs. I am. And these are connected by specific nerve cells and form a circuit. The special structure at the joint between nerve cells is called a synapse.
We use this name in the domain as a model of the organizational structure that creates the new value we aim for.