Goodbye party

On July 7th, the opening of the new office "Yonayona Party" was held.
Following the name of the place called "Tsuki no Misaki", the dishes are all round with a motif of the moon, such as small tomatoes, dumplings, oyakis, grapes, crackers, marshmallows, and eggs. Toasting sake is of course "Yona yona ale". Unfortunately, it was raining that the moon was hiding on the day, but it was a prosperous party with many people coming.
It was a day of gratitude to the staff who worked on the move, the open desk, those who attended the party, and everyone who supported me.

blackboardInstead of bookkeeping, I asked for a postscript on the blackboard in the meeting room.

挨 拶Greetings and slide show of recent works.

VenueAlthough it was raining on the day, thank you for coming.

Open deskOpen desk people who helped build this office.

OyakiAll dishes are rounded after the moon.

Mitarashi dumpling


Moon cape