Good Luck !

Good luck !

Take a commemorative photo with Mr. Takeda who is leaving the office to return to his hometown ♡ Good luck in the future!

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Visit to Milano Salone

This year, I was invited by Suggest Co., Ltd., a client working on the “Dufre” condominium series, and visited Milan Salone. I learned a lot.

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Awarded the XNUMXrd Excellent Business Award for Excellent Business

"DEUX FLE base Minami Azabu" won the Excellent Business Award in the planning and development category of the 2013 National Housing Industry Association, 3rd Excellent Business Award.We built a multi-story Nagaya apartment building on a site that had been left unattended for the development of the city center, creating new value.Moreover, abundant space, excellent living environment, high flexibility are next ...

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2013 Hanami Kamezuka Park

Cherry-blossom viewing at the annual Kamezuka Park.I've been drinking beer since daytime and I'm a little floating.Interns from the UK also participated this year. I plan to work at our company until August.

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Visitors from the UK

Today, a professor from Lena University who came to our company as an intern from the UK came to Japan and interviewed the company.

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Oyster party

A big oyster party with 2 cans of oysters.It looks like a shell mound will be created.Sprinkle sake on an itto-kan and steam it over the heat.The steamed sake is just hand-held and mushy.This is the most delicious.She was an intern from England and was surprised to find a crab inside. (I ate it after this) Please provide this oyster ...

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The staff celebrated the birthday with a surprise. This year, 12 will be lined up 12/12/12/3.

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2012 Good Design Exhibition

The "Good Design Award Winning Announcement Exhibition Good Design Exhibition" will be held from November 11rd.The Good Design Exhibition is the first attempt to display all Good Design Award winning designs, and this year, 23 Good Design Award winning designs will be exhibited.Our work won the 1,108 Good Design Award ...

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2012 Good Design Award

"DEUX FLE base Minami Azabu" won the 2012 Good Design Award.We will build a multi-story Nagaya apartment building on a site that has been left undeveloped, create new value, and combine elements such as rich space, excellent living environment, and high flexibility at a high level. It is provided to the residents.P ...

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Checker completed

Checker has been reopened on July 2012, 7.Taharaya EX is a commercial facility centered on Paseos, which sells clothing, facing the busy scrambled shopping street near JR Kawasaki Station.The checkered shear wall created by seismic retrofitting is used as it is in the design.Please drop in when you come near us. ...

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About our data disaster countermeasures

As part of our disaster preparedness, we have made all the project data in the company into the cloud.In the unlikely event of theft or disaster, business suspension due to data loss will occur in the worst case, and not only huge economic loss but also social credibility will be lost.In some cases, it may be difficult to continue the business ...

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