Court Open House Notice

Court is completed.It is a small house for a family of five to build on a small land. 2003/7/21 11: 00-19: 00 Place is Shinmachi, Fuchu City

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CITIA Designers Street

The interior of a large-scale 850-house CITIA apartment in Abiko is proposed as Designers Street. Instead of segmenting the space with the field, use the maximum space while converting the field. Propose a new lifestyle that responds to an era in which the sense of distance and relationships are diversified.

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Louver open house

The maiden work "Louver" has been completed, and an open house will be held this time.It's far away, but please come if you like.Date and time September 14, 9 Time 8: 11-16: XNUMX \

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Nishiogi D-Block

Nishiogi Designer Block Grand Prize

The Nishiogi Designer's Block (6 blocks of housing design) won the highest award as a result of the final examination.It is scheduled to be completed in October of this year.

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