Donated a carpet speaker

The first carpet speaker prototype was donated to Kobe University Special Support School.

SYRINXWith the completion of, we will donate some of the past prototypes only for use in public services and educational institutions. Even if it is a prototype, the sound is full-fledged, and I want the children to hear good sound by all means. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. (You can also watch if you come to the company.)

"... I was impressed that the sound was better than the big speaker before. I asked the children to listen to it in today's class, but everyone was overjoyed and gathered around the speaker and jumped. I was listening to it. (Because it's jazz, I was riding the rhythm.) The queen of the night aria of the magic flute was also very realistic. The difference in power was conveyed straight to the children. With the iPhone, the children's The singing voice can be played immediately, and the musical environment has improved tremendously. Thank you very much. "

Donation of carpet speakers