Inexpensive, easy, high-quality wound cardboard speakers

Wound cardboard speaker

"Syrinx" prototype No. 3 is a suspicious wound cardboard speaker.

[Winding cardboard speaker]

Roll one cardboard around and place the speaker on it. That's it. A little trick is to set up a step inside and outside so that the speaker will fit well. (Simply divide the cardboard inside and outside and shift it)

Inside the wound cardboard speaker

The sound is clear and good with a tendency similar to carpet speakers. I don't think it's just a cardboard roll. Sounds moderately well. The bass has also been enhanced.

Examining on the Internet, you will find some examples, but it seems that many of them are mysterious about the principle of operation.

However, I think the theory is the same as a carpet speaker. Only the sound absorbing material of the cylindrical speaker became cardboard.
Although the sound absorption of paper is smaller than that of carpets, cardboard winding can secure a sufficient surface area, and its sound absorbing effect can attenuate mid-high sounds. Just think of a thin paper tube filled with cardboard as a sound absorbing material.
Considering that, it is a very rational system in that the enclosure and the sound absorbing material are integrated.