Leather-wrapped carpet speaker 3 long

Leather speaker long version

"Leather-wrapped carpet speaker [long]" has been completed. (Prototype No. 7)

  • Speaker unit ALPAIRE7 v3 (ported from short version)
  • Cylinder length 800mm
  • Cylinder diameter φ = 135mm
  • Enclosure Himeji Leather Arco Tannin Leather t = 2.5mm
  • Base stainless vibration t = 3.0mm

[Nume leather]

Himeji Leather provided us with half-cut alco tannin leather at a monitor price, so we made a long version of the long-awaited leather-wrapped carpet speaker.

Leather speaker long version

Cut out from a luxurious half-cut cowhide that would bury a 3m long table.

Leather speaker long version

The leather is a little thinner than before and has a good balance between softness and hardness.

Leather speaker long version

The interior of the leather is made of 100% wool carpet.It has moderate rigidity and has excellent sound absorption.
In addition, leather has a large internal loss, and when wrapped in leather, the airtightness and rigidity increase, so the sound becomes tighter and the bass increases.
One piece of leather wrapped in this size is unheard of.
The speaker cable is made by myself using a LAN cable.

Leather speaker long version Leather speaker long version

The sound of the completed speaker has extended bass, clear sound and clear outline.The voice is also easier to hear.Finally, the sound of the prototype No. 1 was removed, and the carpet speaker that repeated the experiment for a long time became a satisfactory level and completed.In the future, we will realize the commercialization.The base is this specification.

At the same time, we will donate a part of the past prototypes only for the purpose of use in public services and educational institutions because it is a waste.Please feel free to contact us if you are interested. (You can watch it if you come to the company.)