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Tokyo Business Design Award 2015 theme award


Tokyo Business Design Award 2015 Theme Award

We received the theme award of Tokyo Business Design Award 2015.

A public judging for the highest award will be held at Tokyo Midtown on 2017.1.27.

More2015 Tokyo Business Design Award Proposal Final Review-TOKYO DESIGN PRESENTATION-Please see.

The “Tokyo Business Design Award” is a corporate participation design and business proposal competition aimed at collaborating between small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in Tokyo and designers who have excellent problem solving and proposal skills.

High technology and special materials possessed by small and medium-sized manufacturing companies will be recruited as “themes” in the competition and selected after screening.
For the selected "themes", designers propose "designs" of the entire business based on the development of new applications as "proposals" and aim to realize excellent business proposals.

The award I received was "Proposal of aluminum laminated timber utilizing caulking technology".

Specific proposal contents are secret until the final examination committee ...
Please come if you are interested.