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Received the Social Products Award at the Social Products Award 2018


Social Products Award 2018

This time, SYRINX is on sale at the Social Products Award 2018 hosted by the Social Products Promotion Association.LOG-more trees LEATHER Speaker-"Received the" Social Products Award ".
The Social Products Award targets products and services that can contribute to society and participate in creating a better society through products.This year, this time, not only apparel and sundries, but also cosmetics, wine, nursing care services, hands-on agriculture, etc. Genre is awarded.

Among them, "LOG" was awarded for expanding its new possibilities of utilizing deerskin from the viewpoint of not only its sound quality but also the design, interior characteristics, and the beast mitigation measures of forest conservation.

Social Products Award 2018 Winners
Social Products Award 2018

Exhibition of award-winning works from March 3 to 2OVE Minami AoyamaWill be held at We will report this as soon as we know the details.

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