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Boost carpet speaker bass


Continuation of carpet speaker.

[Try using the carpet speaker for a while]

The carpet speaker I made the other day, I am worried that the center of gravity of the sound is a little high and there is little low-frequency sound.
We experimented variously to improve it.

[Bus reflex duct]

If carpet speakers could be bass-reflexed, there's no easy way to increase bass.
To utilize bass reflex ducts, the internal pressure of the enclosure is required, but carpets expand and contract and absorb internal pressure, so carpet speakers and bass reflex ducts are very incompatible technologies.
If some effect could be created, I thought it would be better to gradually squeeze the cylinder toward the bass reflex port.
As the waves are amplified along the ria coastline, the sound pressure should be increased by gradually reducing the cross section. If it is connected to the bass reflex port neatly, the maximum effect should be exhibited.
Can it be called a waveguide? The response should be better if the air flow is smoother.
I experimented with a funnel, but it does produce bass but no sound pressure.
After all the bass reflex duct and the carpet speaker seem to be incompatible.

[Passive radiator (Drone cone)]

This is the technology used by BOSE, a small body and explosive bass, under the name passive radiator on the M2. To put it simply, it can be said that this is a technology that shakes a speaker unit consisting of only a diaphragm with internal pressure to produce a sound. I also experimented, but with carpet speakers, the sound pressure was too low before the sound reached the passive radiator, and it was not very effective.

[Conclusion and new questions]

Increasing the internal volume will increase the bass. It is also very effective to place the corners of the room. It seems difficult to greatly increase the bass further.
However, carpet speakers are still groundbreaking speakers.
So far, bass should be augmented by enclosures and I have no doubts about its common sense.
However, when I learned about carpet speakers (soft enclosures), I couldn't tell if what I thought so far was really correct.

[New speaker system suitable for the digital age]

If the output analog signal is electrically amplified, the sound quality is inevitably deteriorated. Similarly, boosting bass using resonance or bass reflex will still affect sound quality.
A few years ago, there was no other way. However, now that the sound source has been digitized, can only the speakers be used as they are?
With a digital sound source, you can adjust the sound source before analog output according to your taste.
If you rely on hardware to process parts that rely on hardware, there will be new possibilities for speakers.
The design philosophy of the new loudspeaker will be a very different direction from the current one, which focuses on bass enhancement.
If you can adjust the output sound source, there is actually no point in competing for superiority in frequency characteristics.
The ideal sound pursuit may be achieved by adjusting the sound source according to the characteristics of the speakers, adjusting the listener as you like, and reproducing the output signal as purely as possible."Digital feedback theory"Let's name it.

And carpet speakers are just one of the ideal answers.

[Correlation with the world of photography]

I thought this was correlated with my favorite photo world.
I had predicted that an SLR camera that was already old in the digital camera creation period was not the best digital system, and that a camera without a mirror (now mirrorless) would be suitable for the digital age.
Also, in photo processing, it is easier to perform shift adjustments and effects by digital processing without relying on shift lenses and filters. In that case, even in the high-end world, the lens design philosophy should be changed to a lens configuration that pursues a resolution that is simple, compact, reasonable, and resolution while leaving distortion that can be corrected as much as possible without being bound by existing common sense. (Currently still in the process)
In the world of loudspeakers, there is a possibility that simple, reasonable, high-resolution speakers suitable for the digital age will appear.

However, no matter how much correction is made, it is physically impossible from low to high frequencies from the beginning to some extent if the features are not good. It's the same as the photo that it deteriorates when the correction is too tight.
By the way, about half a year has passed since the production, and now the aging has progressed enough, the bass has come out as it is, and eventually the use of the equalizer has been stopped. ALPAIR7 is a really good unit. (Even with CHR70, sufficient bass sounds as aging progresses.)

(Addition: The bass problem of this carpet speaker isSYRINXSolved completely in the process of evolution to. )

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