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WEB design has been renewed


This is the first major renewal since the web was renewed in 2005.
The points of this renewal are as follows.
1. Photo frame for website
One of the features of our website is the photos that Sato himself takes. To take full advantage of it, we widened the screen, made it as large as possible, and hid other information as much as possible on the screen. Menus and detailed information appear on mouse-over. Most of the images are converted into a slide show, can be viewed without any operation, and can be viewed like a photo frame.

2. Eliminate scrolling
The old web site accumulated information vertically, but scrolling was necessary to see the entire site, and operation with a trackpad was cumbersome. Therefore, this time, if it is a standard monitor size, it has a configuration that does not require scrolling.

3. Make it accessible
Almost all pages can be accessed with one click from any page.
In addition, all the work images can be viewed as a slide show just by looking at them without any operation.
Nevertheless, the image quality is compressed as much as possible so as not to make the site heavy, and the rest is composed of thorough text, so that it can be browsed lightly.

4. Leverage past content
The old WEB site was created when blogs first appeared, and at that time it was recognized as a simple diary tool, and people who thought about using it for business sites were rare. The page addresses and hierarchy have not changed much to make the most of the content accumulated over time. Only the design has been renewed.

5. Drop support for IE6
It is very difficult and requires a lot of effort to support IE6, which has many display-related bugs. Honestly my technology can't cope. I am sorry to those who access, but we will stop supporting IE6 from this time.
IE6 no moreSince you are participating in the campaign, an alert will be displayed when viewed on IE6.
We believe that this trend will accelerate in the future, such as the suspension of support at leading sites such as YouTube, so those using IE6 will proceed with the update as soon as possible.

6. Meiryo font support
It supports Meiryo font installed from vista, and finally it can be browsed with smooth characters even on windows. Even in XPupdatePlease look after installation by all means because it becomes a smooth character.

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