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Redesigned web design


Redesigned web design.
Since the last renewal was a tray in 2009, it is a major renewal for the first time in four years.
The points of this renewal are as follows.

1. Focus on the image
At the center of the architect's homepage is an introduction to his work.
So I eliminated the other elements as much as possible so that I could concentrate on it.
The previous renewal had the same concept, but this time, we didn't even leave any window margins, so we removed unnecessary ones.

2. Responsive web design
Since access from smartphones and tablets has also increased, we have adopted a responsive web design that is easy to read even when viewed with any tool.

3. Response to high resolution
The image has been made high-resolution in order to support desktops with large screens and tablets and smartphones with high resolution such as Retina displays.

4. Leverage past content
Our site has inherited the content of the content even in the past renewal, and has changed only the design. In order to make the most of the content accumulated over the long term, we have just renewed the design without changing the page address or hierarchy.

5. Further speedup
Until now, we have tried to make it easy to browse with various technologies so that the site does not become heavy. No matter how high the image quality, there is no point in stressing the user experience. Even with this renewal, the latest technology is used to load images in the background, which makes the display faster than the previous site despite the high resolution of the images.

The web also emphasizes logic as well as architecture. If you have knowledge of the web, you can understand the rational structure by looking at the source as well as the design concept.
Since the last renewal was in 2009 and before that was in 2005, the web has been completely renewed every four years. The renewal in 4 was triggered by the “responsive design” that accompanies environmental changes that began with smartphones. Every four years, the next renewal may be around 2013.

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