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Change web interface design, etc.


The design of the web interface has been changed.

① Compatible with smartphones

In order to make it easier to see on a smartphone, when the width of the window is small, the menu is folded and displayed.
Three types are automatically switched for smartphones, tablets and personal computers.
The menu at the top of the screen has no background color, making it a more image-only design than before.
If you reduce the window size on your PC, you can see the change due to the window size.
The layout and layout have also been changed.

(XNUMX) All internal codes are changed to HTMLXNUMX

Although there are rumors that SEO is disadvantageous, HTML5 is more systematic and the source is more beautiful. So I think there is an advantage, but no disadvantage.

(XNUMX) High speed reading

The weak point of our site, which has large images and many images, is that it becomes absolutely heavy.
Up to now, the reading speed has been improved as much as possible in accordance with the progress of web technology.
This time, the display speed has been greatly improved by delay loading of images, CSS optimization, and delay loading of JS.
(Postscript: The image delay loading function was turned off for the time being because it affected the search ranking. I'm sorry because I liked it!)

④ Like button on Facebook

I just added a Facebook like button.
Please click everyone.

For reference, recent access status
Windows 50%
iOS 25%
Mac 15%
10% for Android etc.
It becomes.
The access of iOS and Android has increased considerably.

As always, if you check the operation on windows, you will be disappointed if you think that 50% of users are looking at this state due to too much contamination of characters.
To increase the line of sight, I made the text a little larger, but if it is difficult to read, it seems that the display can be improved with freeware called "Mac Type".

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