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Renewal of web design


2017 web renewal

Web design has been renewed.
As expected last time, it is a major renewal for the first time in four years, as in the 2005, 2009, 2013 and Olympics.
After about four years, I think new technologies that I want to use will come out.
The last time we pioneered the use of a responsive full slide show, but over time it became commonplace, and the interface design became sloppy.
This time, I made a material design using the library distributed by google.

What is material design?
When translated into Japanese, it is a material design. Simply put, the design of the screen should be based on the laws of physical physics so that it can be operated tactilely and intuitively.
I proposed by google in 2014, and I think it will spread at a stretch around next year this year.
There are detailed manuals such as dropping shadows on overlapping objects, expressing height by shadow depth, and actions when clicking buttons.
Since the manuals are quite diverse and difficult to read, this time we easily customized Google's thankful library a little, and a simpler and easier-to-use interface with only the upper left menu button and the lower right scroll button Was remodeled.
The menu and the background are fixed, and the content slides over it with a simple two-layer configuration. It was very difficult to combine existing MT2 data with the library. Also, every time I am troubled by a bug on the browser side, this time I am troubled by a bug in the z-index of the iPhone.
I hope to finish the slide show soon, but the next renewal will be around 4, four years later?

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