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NHK E-Tele "Design Talks + (Plus)" Broadcast Notice


Tomorrow's NHK E-tele "Design Talks + (plus)" and housing "Message 2 from the skyWill be taken up.
This property has been awarded the triple crown of "The Architecture MasterPrize 2018" (USA), "Asia Design Prize 2018" (Asia), and "2017 Good Design Award" (Japan), and was previously featured on the NHK WORLD program.

The theme of this program is [Safety].
I hope you can see it.


ASJ Architect Athletes (FM Radio)


We invited "ASJ Presents Architect Athletes" (FM Radio) to talk about architecture and leather products.
XNUMX minutes of tension and excitement, as it is a program in which wonderful architects such as Tadao Ando and Kengo Kuma also appeared!
We had a very good time together.
Thank you to Mr. Yuhei Maruyama of ASJ and Mr. Yumi Kawamura of MC.


iF Design Award 2019


""Wrap" business card holderHas received the iF Design Award 2019, an internationally prestigious design award.
IF International Forum Design, based in Hannover (Germany), is an independent design organization with the longest history in the world. It is one of the world's three major design awards.
This year, 67 design professionals strictly screened over 50 submitted designs from 6,400 countries / regions,"Wrap" business card holderWas awarded for its minimal appearance and unique structure.
Awarded IDEA2018 (International Design Excellence Awards), Omotenashi Selection 2017, and ASIA DESIGN PRIZE2018, achieving four crowns.

2018 Architecture Master Prize

The Architecture MasterPrize 2018


This time, we supervised our design
"Message 2 from the sky'
Received the "The Architecture MasterPrize 2018" held in the United States.
Official introduction page
The award event will be held in 2019 at Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain.


IDEA2018 (International Design Excellence Award)


""Wrap" business card holderHas been selected for the prestigious design award in the United States, IDEA2018 (International Design Excellence Awards) FINALIST.
Introduction page on IDEA official website
"IDEA" is one of the world's three major design awards alongside the iF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award (Germany). "IDEA 2018" received more than 1,600 entries from around the world.
""Wrap" business card holderHas been evaluated for its minimalistic appearance, and has achieved three crowns following "Omotenashi Selection 2017" and "ASIA DESIGN PRIZE2018".


"Connecting Architecture and Products" Exhibition


From November 11 to 1 at Shinjuku Park Tower OZONE 13F
"Connecting Architecture and Products" Exhibition
It will be held.
An exhibition that mixes architecture and products, revealing their design approaches.
We also display and sell leather goods.
A seminar (free admission) will also be held on the last day.

Date: 11/1 (Thu)-13 (Tue)
   10: 30-19: 00 (closed on Wednesdays)
   The last day is 17:00
Location: 3-7-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
   Shinjuku Park Tower
   OZONE 4F "monova"
free entrance

Special seminar
"What connects architecture and products"

Date: Tuesday, November 11
   (Last day of exhibition)
Time: 16:00 ‒ 17:00
Location: OZONE 5F Seminar Room
free entrance
(Please note that the exhibition has ended after the seminar.)

"Connecting Architecture and Products" Exhibition Guide PDF
"Monova" official website
"OZONE" Official Site


Architect Exhibition "Real Estate Utilization for the Next Generation"


ASJ presides over from todayArchitect Exhibition "Real Estate Utilization for the Next Generation"On display.
Date and time: 9/22 (Sat)-30 (sun) 13: 00-18: 00
Location: ASJ TOKYO CELL 3-4-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Nippon Stone Building 1F
It is located in Tokyo Marunouchi, close to Yurakucho station, opposite Tokyo International Forum Hall C.
Admission is free. Please drop in if you come near.
Part of SYRINX's products will also be exhibited,RollBGM is also played.

Asia Design Prize 2018

ASIA DESIGN PRIZE 2018 Double Award


This time, we supervised our design
"Message 2 from the sky'
SYRINX products
"TSUTSUMU card case'
Received a double award for "ASIA DESIGN PRIZE 2018".
We look forward to working with you to create innovative architecture and products.

Oyster party

Oyster party 3rd


A big oyster party with two cans of oysters after a long time.
A shell mound is likely to be made. The photo shows about 1% of one can. (Lol)

Social Products Award 2018

Received the Social Products Award at the Social Products Award 2018


This time, SYRINX is on sale at the Social Products Award 2018 hosted by the Social Products Promotion Association.LOG-more trees LEATHER Speaker-"Received the" Social Products Award ".
The Social Products Award targets products and services that can contribute to society and participate in creating a better society through products.This year, this time, not only apparel and sundries, but also cosmetics, wine, nursing care services, hands-on agriculture, etc. Genre is awarded.

Among them, "LOG" was awarded for expanding its new possibilities of utilizing deerskin from the viewpoint of not only its sound quality but also the design, interior characteristics, and the beast mitigation measures of forest conservation.

Social Products Award 2018 Winners
Social Products Award 2018

Exhibition of award-winning works from March 3 to 2OVE Minami AoyamaWill be held at We will report this as soon as we know the details.


Notice of rebroadcast of NHK WORLD TV "DESIGN TALKS plus"


This is the announcement of the rerun of NHK WORLD TV's program "DESIGN TALKS plus" that appeared the other day.

Under the theme of "Celestial connections", three examples from various fields are introduced, one of which is "Message 2 from the skyWas featured.

The broadcast will be on the BS1 or NHK world website. See below for details. (BS1 is only available in the early morning)

■ NHK BSXNUMX (Japanese domestic broadcast)
11/12 (Sun) 3: 30-4: 00 (Early morning)

■ NHK WORLD TV DESIGN TALKS plus 'Celestial Connections'
11/9(木) 9:30-10:00 22:30-23:00
11/10 (Fri) 3: 30-4: 00 (Early morning)


2017 Good Design Award Celebration Party and Exhibition


We participated in the 2017 Good Design Awards Celebration held today at Grand Hyatt Tokyo.

Good Design Award Winning Exhibition "GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION 2017"
In addition, two of our works have been introduced as award-winning designs at the award-winning exhibition "GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION 11," which is held today at Tokyo Midtown from November 1st (Wednesday) and gathers all the latest good designs.
 Dates: November 11st (Wednesday) -November 1th (Sunday) 11: 5-11: 00
 Venue: Tokyo Midtown (Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo)


2017 Double Design Award


"Message 2 from the sky"When"LUXUDEAR TakanawaRecently won the 2017 Good Design Award (sponsored by Japan Institute of Design Promotion).

This is the sixth Good Design Award in total. In particular, apartments have been entered four times so far, and have won all.

Also, tomorrow, on NHK WORLD TV,Message 2 from the skyIs featured. The broadcast schedule is as follows.
DESIGN TALKS plus # 61 'Celestial Connections'
10/5(木) 9:30-10:00 15:30-16:00 22:30-23:00
Friday, October 10 6: 3-30: 4 (early morning)

Official sitelink
Message 2 from the sky
"In the city center, it is extremely difficult to capture the external environment, but this project focuses on" light "as the external environment, and is an ambitious attempt to visualize the transition of light with a top light and a half mirror. Science is born inside the house. We evaluated the changing times, the weather, and the four seasons, which made us feel a home through light changes. (Judge's comment)
"It is a single-family apartment that can be used in a variety of ways, but it seems that a simple dwelling unit plan is being used to accommodate this. The dwelling unit plan includes structural features such as the position of beams, It is designed with great care, taking into account the line of sight from the inside to the outside. The design that gives an expression to the corridor while giving consideration to the situation is excellent. "

Exhibit at Good Design Award Winning Exhibition "GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION 2017"
The above two works will be featured in this year's award-winning design at the GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION 11, an award-winning exhibition of all the latest good designs, to be held at Tokyo Midtown from November 1 (Wed) this year.
 Session: November 11st (Wednesday) -November 1th (Sunday)
 Venue: Tokyo Midtown (Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo)


Appear on NHK WORLD TV! DESIGN TALKS Plus # 61 "Celestial connections"


Appears on the NHK WORLD TV program "DESIGN TALKS plus".

Under the theme of "Celestial connections", three cases from various fields will be introduced, one of which is "Message 2 from the skyWas featured.

Please visit the NHK WORLD TV website at the following times to view.
DESIGN TALKS plus 'Celestial Connections'
10/5(木) 9:30-10:00 15:30-16:00 22:30-23:00
Friday, October 10 6: 3-30: 4 (early morning)

■ How to watch: Available on the Internet (streaming)
* IPhone users can use NHK WORLD trial listening application for free.

Omotenashi selection

Hospitality Selection Double Award


This time, our product brand SYRINX
"LOG-more trees LEATHER Speaker-'
"TSUTSUMU card case'
Received a double award for "Hospitality Selection 2017".

The "hospitality selection" is a prize for selecting and discovering the appeal of Japan's unique "hospitality" from a global perspective by Japanese experts and foreign nationals who have lived in Japan.

"LOG" is a speaker that uses soft sika deer leather and is inspired by architectural techniques. It has attracted attention for its innovative use of clear sand and effective disposal.

“TSUTSUMU” is a business card holder that has a high reputation by sublimating the aesthetic sense of “wrapping” important things that are Japanese culture into a simple design. Gently wrap your important partner or your business card in soft leather.

SYRINX, which was launched last April, has finally realized that its products have begun to be appreciated by society.
Thank you again for your support and support to many people up to this point.

We look forward to developing innovative products in the future.

2017 web renewal

Renewal of web design


Web design has been renewed.
As expected last time, it is a major renewal for the first time in four years, as in the 2005, 2009, 2013 and Olympics.
After about four years, I think new technologies that I want to use will come out.
The last time we pioneered the use of a responsive full slide show, but over time it became commonplace, and the interface design became sloppy.
This time, I made a material design using the library distributed by google.

Open house

Notice of architectural tour


This time, the “Message from the Sky 2” designed and supervised by our company in Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, has been completed and an open house will be held.
The ever-changing expression of the sky repeats and merges with the interior space, creating a stunning pattern at one time, and at the same time, taking on the color of the ocean floor, and revealing the sky at that time.


Forest and sika deer leather


I am currently a lecturer at the University of Tokyo. While studying monuments and materials in the design issue, I was concerned about the relationship between forests and civilizations, so I read and studied various documents.

Many of the civilizations that began with Sumer lived together with the forest from birth to decline, and civilization was born with the forest and died with the loss of the forest. Springs up.

Donation of carpet speakers

Donated a carpet speaker


The first carpet speaker prototype was donated to Kobe University Special Support School.

SYRINXWith the completion of, we will donate some of the past prototypes only for use in public services and educational institutions. Even if it is a prototype, the sound is full-fledged, and I want the children to hear good sound by all means. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. (You can also watch if you come to the company.)


Audio brand SYRINX established


The audio brand "SYRINX" has been established. We applied for a speaker patent on April 4, and have published our website.

SYRINX is a speaker with the theme of harmony between sound, space and heart. In pursuit of infinitely clear sound, the sound melts into the space. In everyday life, we aim to be a speaker that conveys the joy of sound to our hearts.

Tokyo Business Design Award 2015 Theme Award

Tokyo Business Design Award 2015 theme award


We received the theme award of Tokyo Business Design Award 2015.

A public judging for the highest award will be held at Tokyo Midtown on 2017.1.27.

More2015 Tokyo Business Design Award Proposal Final Review-TOKYO DESIGN PRESENTATION-Please see.

Mita Tsunamachi Park Mansion Glass Block

Awarded the 22nd Space Design Competition


"Mita Tsunamachi Park Mansion Renovation"Won the 22nd Space Design Competition.
By breaking the grid of the glass block, a soft and gentle impression was created.

Recently, the work example section is held every other year, so the 20th"TAILOR MADE"It will be a consecutive prize following.

Chelsea venue

Visit to CERSAIE 2105


I was invited to visit CERSAIE 2015, the world's largest trade fair for ceramic tiles and bathroom supplies, held in Bologna, Italy, so I went to visit it.

Dufre Base Seijo

2015 Good Design Award


"DEUXFLE base Seijo"Received the Good Design Award 2015.
This is a four-story multi-storey building with high-density maisonette dwellings that create a favorable environment and create a rich living space.
> DEUXFLE base Details of Seijo
> Official page of the award

Mita Tsunamachi Park Mansion / Renovation Furniture

Mita Tsunamachi Park Mansion / Renovation 5 Furniture


Mita Tsunamachi Park MansionThe materials used in the renovation are summarized. The last is furniture. (The picture shows the detail of the hand-cutting of Muku wood)

Mita Tsunamachi Park Mansion Renovation Shell Ash Stucco

Mita Tsunamachi Park Mansion / Renovation 4 Wall / Ceiling / Floor


Mita Tsunamachi Park MansionSummarize the materials used in the renovation. This time it is the wall, floor and ceiling. (Picture is white dragon + ash plaster)

Otsuma Kaga Dormitory

Completion ceremony of Otsuma Kaga Dormitory


The Otsuma Kaga dormitory was completed successfully.
With a comprehensive business competition, from design to construction and operation, it has been impressive that our team has been selected and the work we have been doing for three years has been completed.
On that day, the completion ceremony and party were held in a grand new building.
Otsuma Kaga Dormitory ・ Completion photoPlease check it out.

Mita Tsunamachi Park Mansion Renovation System Jota

Mita Tsunamachi Park Apartment Renovation 3 Sound insulation


One of the weaknesses of vintage apartments is their sound insulation. The measures taken this time are summarized.

Mita Tsunamachi Park Mansion Renovation Skeleton

Mita Tsunamachi Park Mansion / Reform 2 Skeleton


When fully renovating existing dwelling units, the first thing to do is dismantling and skeletonizing. If you want to make a skeleton, it is better to remove everything boldly than to leave it halfway. Because

Mita Tsunamachi Park Mansion / Renovation 1 Attractiveness of Vintage Mansion

Mita Tsunamachi Park Mansion / Renovation 1 Attractiveness of Vintage Mansion


We performed design supervision at our company Mita Tsunamachi Park MansionFrom the above example, I would like to share the appeal and points to keep in mind about the renovation of a vintage apartment in several parts.

design for asia 2014

Design for Asia Award 2014


"Message from the skyWas awarded the Merit Award at the Design for Asia Awards 11, which was announced in Hong Kong on November 21.
This year, there were over 23 entries from 1,000 countries around the world, a record high, and 168 points were awarded.
The award ceremony will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center on Wednesday, December 12.
For details, please visit the official website of the Asian Design Awards.


1st ValueDesign study session


On April 4, we gave a talk with Prof. Tetsuo Furuichi at the 24st ValueDesign study meeting held at the Union showroom this year.

Keio University, Lecturer

I started teaching at Keio University Graduate School


Until now the teacher did not do,
I am a part-time lecturer at Keio University and graduate school this year.
Today is our company, not the Keio campus.
All the reports are arranged on a 10m long desk and it is a commentary.

Otsuma Women's University Kaga Dormitory

The site of a large property has begun.


The site has finally begun.
Otsuma Women's University Kaga DormitoryIt is rebuilding. With a total floor area of ​​about 10000mXNUMX, this is the largest property ever designed by us.
Details will be back again.

Oyster party

Oyster party 2nd


Like last year, this year also has an oyster party.
I've eaten two cans of oysters.

Space Design Competition

20th Space Design Competition Awards Ceremony


Attended the 20th Space Design Competition Awards Ceremony and Awards Party.

Space Design Competition

Awarded the 20nd Space Design Competition


"TAILOR MADE"Won the 20nd Space Design Competition.
By making the tiles and glass blocks into a unified module of 150 squares, the pattern was continuous throughout the building, creating a facade that looks like smooth clothes.


Good luck !


Commemorative photo with Takeda who leaves the company to return to the local area ♡
Good luck in the future!

Milan Salone

Visit to Milano Salone


This year, I was invited by Suggest Co., Ltd., a client working on the “Dufre” condominium series, and visited Milan Salone. I learned a lot.

3rd Outstanding Business Award

Awarded the XNUMXrd Excellent Business Award for Excellent Business


"DEUXFLE base Minamiazabu"Received the Excellent Business Award in the planning and development section of the 2013 National Housing Industry Association, 3rd Excellent Business Award.
Building a multi-storey multi-story residential building on a site that has been left abandoned for urban development, creating new value. At the same time, it combines rich space, excellent living environment, and high flexibility with a high degree of dimension.

Cherry-blossom viewing

2013 Hanami Kamezuka Park


Cherry blossom viewing at the annual Kamezuka Park. Drinking beer since the day and floating a little.
This year, interns from the UK also participated. I plan to work for us until August.


Visitors from the UK


Today, a professor from Lena University who came to our company as an intern from the UK came to Japan and interviewed the company.

Oyster party

Oyster party


A large oyster party with two cans of oysters.
A shell mound is likely to be made.
He ate alone (laughs)




The staff celebrated the birthday with a surprise. This year, 12 will be lined up 12/12/12/3.

2012 Good Design Exhibition

XNUMX Good Design Exhibition


From November 11, "Good Design Award Winning Exhibition Good Design Exhibition" will be held.
The Good Design Exhibition is the first attempt to display all of the Good Design Award winning designs. This year, 1,108 Good Design Award winners will be exhibited.
Our work won the Good Design Award 2012"DEUXFLE base Minamiazabu"Is on display.

Dates November 11 (Fri / holiday)-November 23 (Sun)
Venue Tokyo Big Sight East Exhibition Hall East 4 Hall

> DEUXFLE base Details of Minami Azabu
> Good Design Exhibition Official Page


Good Design Award ceremony


I attended the Good Design Award ceremony.

2012 Good Design Award

XNUMX Good Design Award


"DEUXFLE base Minamiazabu"Received the Good Design Award 2012.
Building a multi-storey multi-story apartment building on a site that has been left undeveloped, creating new value, and integrating elements such as rich space, excellent living environment, and high flexibility at a high level, Provided to residents.
The light from the sky was taken into the room in an open manner while considering privacy. The height of the top floor is about 4.3m, and the space has a continuous change with the roof terrace and loft.
> DEUXFLE base Details of Minami Azabu
> Official page of the award

Tawaraya EX Building

Checker is completed


Tawaraya EXReopened on July 2012, 7.
Tawaraya EX is a commercial facility centered on clothing store Pasios, which faces the busy scramble shopping street near JR Kawasaki Station.
The checkered earthquake-resistant wall from the retrofit was used as it is in the design. Please drop in if you come near.
> Details of Taharaya EX (Checker)

Isoband Design Contest

6th Iso Band Design Contest Awards Ceremony


Attended the award ceremony of the 6th NISC Isoband Design Contest.

Isoband Design Contest

Awarded at the XNUMXth NISC Isoband Design Contest


"EX"Received the Jury Prize / Kazuhiro Kojima Prize out of 6 entries in the 304th NISC Iso Band Design Contest.
The EX, which faces a busy scramble intersection, aims to become a core facility that changes the streets in front of the aging Chiba station. The traffic flow space is concentrated in the stairwell on the shopping street side, and the design is integrated with the bustling shopping street through a highly transparent curtain wall.
The outer wall combines metal sandwich panels with different working widths to create a sharp, expressive appearance with sharp random joints.

> EX details
> Official page of the award

10th anniversary party

10th anniversary party


The 10th anniversary party was held.
I will tell you about the day.

(this japan-architects.comBut I was introduced. Some of the photos below are also provided. )
Message from the sky

Mockup of "Message from the Sky"


A mockup of the top light part that is the key to the message from the sky.
What a scale! One third.
It was confirmed that the sky could be seen continuously as intended.

Bunk apartment

Half-timbered / Climbing Beam House Open House


Two condominiums, a half-timbered house and a climbing beam house, which were designed and supervised in Furukawa City, Ibaraki Prefecture, have been completed and will be open houses.
Timber-framed houses adopt a structure called a scissors truss on the roof frame, and further increase their strength by combining them three-dimensionally. The climbing beam house forms a large space by combining climbing beams, creating a stairwell LDK and a private room with a high ceiling.
The concept is to be able to respond flexibly to various lifestyles.
Date and time: Sunday, July 2011, 7 3: 13-00: 18
If you would like detailed information such as guide maps,
Please contact us with your contact details.

Bunk apartment

Guidance of "dandan apartment" open house


This time, "Danno apartment", which we designed and supervised in Omori-nishi, Ota-ku, has been completed and an open house will be held.
In this building, the first floor is the owner's residence and the second floor is a rental apartment. By varying the height of the floor on the second floor, the owner's dwelling creates a changing space, and all the second floor rentals have a living environment like a corner room.
Date: September 2010, 9 (Thursday / Equinox Day) 23: 13-00: 18
If you would like more information, we will ask for your address, telephone number and name in advance.

Hokuriku Architecture Culture Award 2009

Hokuriku Architecture Culture Award 2009 Field Report


Hirayama Electric CompanyHas received the Hokuriku Architecture Culture Award 2009 and attended the awards ceremony.
I will tell you about the day.
This photo shows the award ceremony. The one on the left is co-designer Toru Kashihara.

Hokuriku Architecture Culture Award

Hokuriku Architecture Culture Prize Award Ceremony and Lecture Information


Hirayama Electric Trading Co., Ltd., which received the 7th Hokuriku Architectural Culture Award of the Architectural Institute of Japan on July 17Award ceremony and lecture will be held.
The date and time: Saturday, July 2010, 7 from 17:16 to 00:18
Place: Niigata Institute of Technology S1 Large Lecture Room (Kashiwazaki City, Niigata Prefecture)
Following the award ceremony, a 20-minute lecture will be given with co-designer Toru Kashihara.


Guidance of "House of Motoyawata" open house


This time, "Hon Yawata's house", which we designed and supervised in Yawata, Ichikawa city, Chiba prefecture, has been completed. Therefore, the courtesy of the owner has decided to open the house.
Although this house is a two-story wooden house, the space is spread by connecting spaces with different heights. It also features a pleasantly cut out sky that extends outside the window.
Date and time: Saturday, June 2010, 6 12: 13-00: 17
If you wish to visit, we will ask for your address, telephone number and name in advance.
Please contact the following for details. We will send you a return map.

Mitsubishi Estate Home

Architect series


SATOH Hirotaka Architects participates in the Mitsubishi Estate Home and Architect series.
Collaborating with a reputable construction company that has a reputation and track record provides the following benefits:
・ Abundant track record and reliable construction technology
・ Site construction check by double supervision system
-Follow-up after perfection
For details"Architect X Mitsubishi Estate Home"Please see.

Hokuriku Architecture Culture Award

Architectural Institute of Japan, Hokuriku Architecture Culture Award


Hirayama Electric Head OfficeReceived the Architectural Institute of Japan 20th Hokuriku Architectural Culture Award.
The award ceremony, presentation and exhibition will be held on July 7 at Niigata Institute of Technology.

contract world award 2010

ContractWorld.award 2010 Field Report


At ContractWorld.award 2010 (Germany)Tokyo Great Visual Hirayama Electric CompanyPresentation of two worksTokyo Great Visual Received the Office of the Year rookie of the year award.
ContractWorld.award is one of Europe's leading interior design awards held in Germany. This year marks its 10th anniversary and 34 projects have been submitted from 623 countries.

I will tell you about the day.

contract world award 2010

Giving a lecture in Germany


In ContractWorld.award 2010Tokyo Great Visual HeadquartersHirayama Electric Head Office BuildingHas been nominated for the rookie of the year award and invited to a presentation.
I will give a lecture in Hannover, Germany with the following schedule.
Date: 2010.1.16 10: 00-10: 30 Hirayama Denki Shokai
   2010.1.16 13: 30-14: 00 TGV
Location: Hannover Trade Fair Hall 4
ContractWorld.award is one of Europe's leading interior design awards held in Germany. This year marks the tenth anniversary of this year, with 10 projects from 34 countries.
またTokyo Great Visual HeadquartersHas been selected for the Office Shortlist and is on display at the Messe venue.


"Slit House" Open House


This time, "Slit House", which we designed and supervised in Murakami, Niigata, has been completed. Therefore, the courtesy of the owner has decided to open the house.
This house is gabled with small boxes. Each box is a personal space, and the outside of the box provides more space for the family. The roof is segmented for each box, and the slits emit light that changes every moment.
Date and time: Saturday, December 2009, 12, 5: 13-30: 17
Location: Shionocho, Murakami City, Niigata Prefecture
Use: residential
Scale: Wooden XNUMXnd floor


Selected for Japan Architects Association 2009


Hirayama Electric Head Office BuildingWas selected for Japan Architects Association 2009 Excellent Architecture Selection.


Winner of ContractWorld.award 2010


At ContractWorld.award 2010 (Germany)Tokyo Great Visual HeadquartersHas been selected for Shortlist.
Will be exhibited at contractworld (January 16th-19th, 2010) in Hanover.
Also a candidate for the rookie awardTokyo Great Visual HeadquartersHirayama Electric Head Office BuildingHas been elected.
Following the presentation in Hannover, Germany on January 2010, 1, the rookie of the year award will be decided.
ContractWorld.award is an interior design award held in Germany, this year celebrating its 10th anniversary, with 34 applications from 623 countries.


Exhibiting Dan House at the Five Architects Exhibition


Held from August 85 architects exhibition
ToTerraced houseWill be sent.
A 1/20 scale model is on display.
The place is inside ozone of Shinjuku Park Tower.
Since the holding period is long, I hope you can see it when you go to a conran shop etc. on holidays.

 Period: August 8nd (Sat) -October 22th (Tue) Closed on Wednesdays (except holidays)
 Time: 10: 30-19: 00
 Location: Living Design Center OZONE 6F
 free entrance
 Benefits: The other day's TV broadcast program DVD was distributed.Please forgive it when it is out of stock.


TGV nominated for Good Design Award


Tokyo Great Visual HeadquartersHas been nominated for the Good Design Award 2009.
The panel will be exhibited at Good Design Expo 2009.
The exhibition period is as follows.
Location: Tokyo Big Sight East Halls 5 & 6
Period: 8.28 (Fri) 18: 00-21: 00
   8.29 (Sat) 10: 00 ~ 21: 00
   8.30 (Sun) 10: 00 ~ 16: 00


Dan's house broadcasts on TV Asahi "Visit Buildings"


Terraced houseWill be broadcast on July 7 at "Atsushi Watanabe's Visit to Buildings".
The title given by Atsushi Watanabe
"Living room is a tropical botanical garden living with greenery"
It is early morning, but please take a look.

Date: July 2009, 7 (Sun)
Time: 6: 00-6: 25 in the morning
Broadcasting station: TV Asahi


Selected for JCD Design Award 2009


Tokyo Great Visual HeadquartersHas been selected for JCD Design Award 2009 BEST100.
Office interior with the concept of "hospitality".
Client is a company that does branding and communication design on the theme of hospitality.
In Japan, we have aimed for a space where you can feel hospitality with the spirit of hospitality since ancient times.


Chiba EX Building added


EX building completion photos are posted on PROJECTS.
It is a commercial facility of about 7700m2 located in downtown Chiba.
In order to enhance continuity with the shopping district, we focus on the details of curtain walls and handrails to achieve both economy and transparency. An artist is appointed to the stairwell of the 23m floor height and graphic is given.
Please drop in when you come to Chiba.
Details of Chiba EX


D & AD Design Award 2008 Exhibition


Hirayama Electric Shokai Head Office BuildingThe exhibition of the British D & AD Award 2008, which won the Yellow Pencil, will be held in Japan.
・ March 2009 (Tue)-April 3 (Sat), 3
・ Ad Museum Tokyo (Free admission)

Vegetable garden restaurant NeNe

Vegetable garden restaurant NeNe completed


Located on the 1st floor of Senri Central Hospital in Osaka, it was designed from the interior to menu and service with the concept of healthVegetable garden restaurant NeNeInterior design.
A fresh space is created under the theme of bamboo, which is a health and vitality.

Snow plum blossoms-spin

Yumeshita Komei-SPIN Exhibit Works


Designed a cover for an exhibition commemorating the resurrection in Japan of Fritz Hansen's chair "SPIN", which was discontinued in 2007.
The title, "Yumeshita Komei" is one of the eyes of the 1th attack. It shows red plum blossoms buried in the snow, and foretells the coming of spring in a severe cold. In order to express the color, a deep red fabric is wrapped in a thin, soft four-layer lace.
For details`` Yumeshita Beni-SPIN ''Please see.


Exhibition of encounter between SPIN creator and masterpiece chair


Fritz Hansen's "SPIN" chair, which was discontinued in 2007, is back in Japan.
In commemoration of this, an exhibition titled "Encounter between SPIN 15 creators and masterpiece chairs" will be held.
I will also exhibit my work under the title "Komei Yukishita". (The photos will be posted on the web later)
Date: 2009.02.10 (Tue)-02.15 (Sun)
Holding time: From 10:00 to 18:00 (admission free)
Venue: 5-25-19 Higashi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Tokyo Design Center 7F
Party: 2009.02.10 (Tue) 18:00-

EX Building Chiba

Chiba EX Building Tape Cut


Opened in Chiba on December 12EX BuildingI participated in the tape cut. (Sato is the second person from the left of the photo)
Regardless of the early morning on weekdays, more than 300 people lined up and we were able to celebrate the opening safely.
It is the moment when people enter the entrance from the intersection one after another, and the architecture is given life.
I believe that the beating was transmitted not only to the interior of the building but also to the outside, and it became an architecture that foreshadows the city's renewal.

EX Building

Chiba EX Building opens


We have been planning for two yearsEX BuildingIt is finally open. This is an 8 story, 7,600m2 commercial facility located in the center of Chiba.
12/5 09:00 Opening ceremony
12/5 10:00 Open store
The tape is cut by the owner and Sato.
The site faces a busy scrambled intersection and aims to be a core facility that changes the cityscape in front of the aging Chiba station.
The building name "EX" was named with the desire to develop the region starting from this building.
Please drop in if you come to Chiba.
Location:2-14-1 Fujimi, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi


Hirayama Denki Shokai wins UK D & AD Award 2008


Hirayama Electric Shokai Head Office BuildingIs BritishD & AD Awards 2008I received a Yellow Pencil. The D & AD Award is a prestigious design award in Europe that has been running since 1963, and this year only 25000 Yellow Pencils were awarded out of 64 entries.By the way, in addition to our company, Apple, Sony, UNIQLO, Nintendo, etc. have won awards.I couldn't attend, but the awards ceremony held every year at the big venue in London with 1800 guests seems to be like an Oscar award ceremony.It is said that it is the status of designers to arrange thick short pencil-shaped trophies at the reception desk.


Hirayama Denki Shokai nominated for D & AD Award 2008


At The D & AD Global Awards held annually by "British Design and Art Direction (D & AD)"Hirayama Electric Shokai Head Office BuildingWas nominated.Among the applications from all over the world, it is the only nomination in the "ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN / Workplace" category.This is the 46th prestigious award this year, covering not only graphics and TV commercials, but also a wide range of designs including photo & image processing, foreign language commercials, and product design. There are Black Pencil (Gold Award) and Yellow Pencil (Silver Award), and each award will be announced at the ceremony to be held in London on May 5th.

Open desk recruitment

Open Desk Wanted


We currently have an office that can seat a dozen people for four people.
So there are many desks that can be opened. (Lol)
Therefore, we are looking for an open desk.
Open desk recruitment
I hope that they will be able to come into contact with practical work during the actual creative activities, find out what they want to do, and use them for career choices.
We are also recruiting two staff members.

Moon Cape Office

Tsukinosaki Office added to PROJECTS


Our office interior has been added to PROJECTS.
Moon Cape Office
The concept is to facilitate communication and enhance intellectual productivity.

Moon cape

Goodbye party


On July 7th, the opening of the new office "Yonayona Party" was held.
Following the name of the place called "Tsuki no Misaki", the dishes are all round with a motif of the moon, such as small tomatoes, dumplings, oyakis, grapes, crackers, marshmallows, and eggs. Toasting sake is of course "Yona yona ale". Unfortunately, it was raining that the moon was hiding on the day, but it was a prosperous party with many people coming.
It was a day of gratitude to the staff who worked on the move, the open desk, those who attended the party, and everyone who supported me.


Tsukinosaki office interior construction


On June 6 of this year, we performed a self-built interior construction work following the relocation of our new office.
During the period, we had the open desk people come every day and made it with our staff. The construction period lasted about three weeks, but it was a period where we could sympathize with the joy of actually creating things and the sense of achievement.
I am really grateful that a great office has been completed with the help of many people.
Thank you all!
Please take a look at the photos of the production scenery.


Add Danka House to Projects


Terraced houseThe completed photo of has been released.
Floors of different heights create a variety of gaps in the gaze and the scale of the space, creating a house that expands into a limited space and incorporates a complex spatial experience.




Apartment complex with gallery in ShimokitazawaAB OVOThe completed photo of has been released. (Gallery photos will be added later)


Hirayama Electric Co., Ltd. head office building added to PROJECT


Hirayama Electric Shokai Head Office BuildingThe completed photo of has been released. Joint design with graduate architect Toru Kashihara. The site is Murakami City, Niigata Prefecture, where the traditional streets remain. A townhouse-type office centered on a street garden filled with light from skylights.


NOPE Finale!


The closing event of the open studio NOPE, which was the base of our creative activities, was held on June 6 and June 22. Thank you for your participation during your busy time. We release the state of the event.


Manufactured lighting fixture "tube"


Beauty salon where our company supervised the designshienaLighting equipment delivered toTube"Has been posted. Depending on the season, the contents can be replaced and various effects can be produced.


Information on Oyama's residence / open house


"Oyama's House", which we designed and supervised, has been completed. The house consists of four consecutive U-shaped structural walls with floors inserted at different heights. Due to various gaps in gaze and the scale of the space, the complex image of life is contained in the limited space. Therefore, the courtesy of the owner has decided to hold a preview from 4:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX on Sunday, July XNUMXnd. Please come over your friends and friends. For those who wish to participate, we will email the detailswebmaster@synapse-net.jpPlease let me know.




Our company has moved to Mita 4-chome, which is called "Tsuki no Misaki" due to business expansion. Opening ~ Yonayo Party ~ Date / July 7 (Thu) 12: 19-00: 22 00:19 Cheers at Yona Yona Ale 00:19 Slide show-Introduction of the latest project / Mita Hills 30F, 4-13-18 Mita, Minato-ku, TokyoInformation on Tsuki no Misaki Office (PDF)(Please note that the start time of the party has been changed). If you can come,webmaster@synapse-net.jpI would be grateful if you let me know.


Kitazawa apartments and private viewing


"Kitazawa apartment house", which we designed and supervised, has been completed. Therefore, the courtesy of the owner has decided to hold a preview from XNUMX:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX on Sunday, June XNUMX. Suddenly it will be tomorrow, but if you find it convenient, please come over with your friends and friends. Please email for details if you wish to participate.


Kitazawa's house has been added to PROJECTS


PROJECTSKitazawa HousingPhotos of completed works have been posted. It is an RC house with a complex structure consisting of a basement floor and five floors above the ground, with a sharp height and brightness.
From the kitchen to the basin, it was designed with concrete.
(After bringing in the furniture, the photos will be updated again)


Add Asahi Village parking lot to PROJECTS


GW blessed with fine weather, finallyGarage of Asahi VillagePhotos of completed works have been posted. This small, unique architectural shape has been reasonably derived to secure parking frontage and address heavy snowfall.


Open House Notice


This time, "Kitazawa Housing", which we designed and supervised, has been completed. It is an RC house with a complex structure consisting of a basement floor and five floors above the ground, with a sharp height and brightness. Therefore, the courtesy of the owner has decided to hold a private viewing from XNUMX:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX on Sunday, February XNUMX. We know you are busy, but please come over with your friends and friends.


Completion of garage in Asahi Village


A garage has been completed in Niigata Prefecture. Please wait a while for the completed photo because it is rainy. Many properties will be completed this year. A garage and Setagaya residence in February, an office building in Niigata in March, an apartment in Setagaya in May, a residence in Meguro in August, an office building in Shibuya in October, and a residence in Minato-ku at the end of the year. It will be updated to HP at any time.

NOPE New Year party

NOPE New Year party


Annual NOPE hot pot party. This year we are Tom Yum Goong Hot Pot.


WOΦOD wins Good Design Award


Daiwa House's 50th anniversary commemorative product “MD50 WOΦOD” was awarded the Good Design Award. This is the second consecutive year that the award-winning condominium “DeuxFle Jiyugaoka” was awarded last year.


WOΦOD nominated for Good Design Award


Daiwa House's 50th anniversary commemorative product “MD50 WOΦOD” was nominated for the Good Design Award. The work has been exhibited on the big site until today. >>> Good Design Presentation If you win the award, it will be the second consecutive year after DeuxFle Jiyugaoka.


JCD Design Award 2006


SUAVE HAIRHas been selected for the JCD Design Award 2006. The diagonal pillars are made uneven and continuous, making it a bearing wall and at the same time acquiring openness on the road side. This structural expression, while functioning well as a landmark, creates a soft space inside that overlaps with the landscape of trees.


Shirokane house added to PROJECTS


PROJECTSShirokane HouseAdded. It is a five-story bare concrete house with a floor area of ​​less than 8 tsubo. The large opening on the road side with the staircase creates a space that is larger than the area.




Hideaway beauty salon in ShirokanedaiSHIENAWas added to PROJECTS.


SUAVE HAIR completed


SUAVE HAIR has been completed in Kashima City, Ibaraki Prefecture. A beauty salon built on a triangular site. The diagonal columns of the facade also play the role of earthquake-resistant walls, and at the same time, realize an open opening. Please wait for a while as it will be uploaded when the completion photo is completed.


Notice of K House Open House in Minato-ku


This time, the house in Shirokane, Minato-ku, which we designed and supervised, has been completed. It is a five-story house on a small site with a site area of ​​37m2. Therefore, the client has kindly held a preview. The date and time: Sunday, March 5 3:12 am-11:6 pm We know that everyone is busy, but I hope you will see it and give us your opinion.


Posted Kiyosato cottage


The work collection has been updated after a long time. Designed last year with Toru Kashihara, a classmate in a university labKiyosato Cottagesis. Unfortunately, the plan has been canceled just before the start of construction due to client's circumstances, but one unit of 31.5m2 can be constructed for about 700 million yen. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us. This spring will be a rush to complete, so we will add works frequently.

Housing Architecture Award Exhibition

Housing Architecture Award Exhibition


An exhibition of the awarded Housing Architecture Award.

Good Design Award

Congratulations! Good Design Award (GOOD DESIGN AWARD)


2005 Good Design Award (Architectural and Environmental Design Category) sponsored by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion OrganizationDuffre JiyugaokaWas awarded. This condominium is aimed at breaking away from homogeneous housing units that are common in condominiums. In a systematic plan that integrates the core, 12 unique flats of different types are laminated in a complex manner.


Steps completed!


PROJECTSStepsHas been posted. It is composed of two volumes with different floors, and each floor is a skip floor. From the semi-underground space to the rooftop, it is a space that looks like a three-dimensional puzzle while being a simple plane.


Egao dentistry is completed


Designed in NagoyaEgo dentistryHas been completed. It is a dentist who can receive treatment while looking at the calm garden at the back of the site. Several light coats are provided to guide light indoors.


DeuxFle Jiyugaoka work introduction was uploaded.


PROJECTSDeuxFle JiyugaokaHas been uploaded. This building is a complex stack of 12 different types of flats in a systematic plan. The H-shaped RC pillars placed in the core part also bear the lateral force, creating a free and open floor. Many of the flats have a three-dimensional spread by maisonettes, each with its own individuality.


imaginative interior


Azabu Juban web production companyimaginativeOffice interior. With the cooperation of a large number of open desks, we performed not only design but also construction. Thank you for your cooperation. It consists only of screws and plywood, and furniture is suspended from the deck ceiling. The nut uses a plug nut, a product that can be inserted in the middle of a long screw, to save labor in the manufacturing process. Although it is an office, it is a space where people can easily visit like bars and cafes.


Duffle Jiyugaoka completed!


Duffre Jiyugaoka(Setagaya-ku, Tokyo) is completed. 12 condominiums for sale. All About JapanHas also been introduced. Completion photos will be uploaded soon.


WEB renewal! ! !


WEB has been renewed. We eliminated waste not only in appearance but also in the internal structure and stuck to structural beauty. It is an architectural page in that sense. at the same timeF-bldg.,Garden,HAlso posted works photos. We look forward to your continued warm guidance and support.


Congratulations! Housing Architecture Award


Villa in LouvreReceived the Home Architecture Award. The exhibition will be held from 7 / 9-7 / 17. Details of the exhibition. Review of the winning work.


Completed F-bldg.


F-bldg.Has been completed. Completed photos will be taken on 2/7 and 2/8. Therefore, we are urgently recruiting people to help with the photo shoot.


Wood Country Japan House Design Competition


Villa in LouvreHas won the "Home Design Competition in Wood Country 2003".


News of house open house of outside stairs


Outside stairs houseWill be completed. A small house for a family of five on a small land. 2003/7/21 11: 00-19: 00 The place is Shinmachi, Fuchu City


"Dog and House" posted & Urban View Kaminoge


・ Dog and house vol.3 (published by Gakken) on sale Participated and proposed in the magazine project “Ideal house to live with Golden Retriever”. ・ Urban View Kaminoge Interior I participate as one of the designers of Urban View Kaminoge. I am in charge of the interior of Gtype.


Extra edition


My design office in the open studio NOPE has variousCatComes to say hello. It has nothing to do with work, but today I will introduce those strays as extras.


CITIA Designers Street


The interior of a large-scale 850-house CITIA apartment in Abiko is proposed as Designers Street. Instead of segmenting the space with the field, use the maximum space while converting the field. Propose a new lifestyle that responds to an era in which the sense of distance and relationships are diversified.


Louvre Villa Open House


Become a virginVilla in LouvreHas been completed and an open house will be held. It is far away, but please come if you like. The date and time September 14, 9 time from 8:11 to 16:XNUMXGuide map.


Nishi-Ogi Designer Block Award


Nishiogi Designer's Block (six-story residential design) was awarded the highest award as a result of the final examination. It is scheduled to be completed this October.