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Open desk
Open desk intern recruitment

Those who want to experience the work of the architectural design office are recruited as "Open Desk".
"Open Desk" is a system where you can work as a trainee for a certain period of time and experience work.
For those who study architecture and design. Educational background, experience, etc. do not matter.
Basically, there will be no pay, but we will provide 1 yen per day (1,000 yen for participation from the afternoon) as a supplement to transportation expenses and lunch fee.
In addition, they will be promoted as part-time workers according to their skills.
Please feel free to apply.

SATOH Hirotaka Architects are located on a hill that was formerly known as "Tsuki no Misaki".
There are many historical sites such as temples, tumuli, shell mounds, pit dwellings, etc. all over the hill,
It has an unchanging taste in Tokyo, where metabolism is intense.

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