SATOH Hirotaka Architects is looking for the following people.
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Only those who have passed the primary screening will be contacted for an interview within 10 business days.

Staff recruitment

1 Design staff

Working hours 9: 00-18: 00
Holidays: Saturdays Sundays Holidays
Leave: Annual paid leave (undigested portion is settled as a bonus) / birthday leave
Salary: Determined by ability and experience
   ① Director: Monthly salary of 40 or more
   ② Chief Architect: Monthly salary of 30 yen or more
   ③ Architect: Monthly salary of 24 yen or more
   ④ Assistant: Monthly salary of 21 yen or more
Treatment: Complete with various social insurance
   Commuting allowance (up to 1 yen per month)
   Short-distance allowance (2 yen per month within 2 km from the office)
   Family allowance
   Moving allowance (2 yen within 20 km from the office)
Others: Trial period 6 months. (Salary payment)