• Design: SATOH Hirotaka Youta Otsuka Kayo Hayakawa
  • Site: Yawata, Ichikawa, Chiba
  • Use: Housing
  • Structure: Wooden 2nd floor
  • Site area: 153.52m2
  • Building area: 61.34m2
  • Total floor area: 117.78m2
  • Completion: 2010.06
  • Construction: MOA +
  • Photo: SATOH Hirotaka


The site is Motoyawata in Chiba Prefecture. The surrounding area is a low-rise residential area dotted with black pine that remains for a long time.
This house is a two-story wooden house, but by connecting spaces with different floor heights, it creates a variety of perspectives and adds depth to the space.
In addition, each room in this house has two entrances and exits, and the plan is to have a migratory property with no dead ends, making it a space where you can feel the expanse.
Outside, the sky cut out by the window spreads comfortably.

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