Design: SATOH Hirotaka Kajikawa
Land: Fuchu City, Tokyo
Structure: Reinforced concrete, partially steel
Use: Dedicated house
Site area: 108.09m2
Building area: 42.07m2
Total floor area: 70.86m2
Completion: 2003.07
Structural design: Yumiko Kamiya / round table
Equipment design: Yasuhiro Watanabe / Tetens
Construction: Miyaken Housing
Photograph: Hiroyuki Hirai
     SATOH Hirotaka


There are no steps or corridors inside this house.
The site is flagpole-shaped, surrounded by neighboring houses, the building coverage is 40%, and a family of five. The clear spatial composition of the house has been reasonably derived to meet the demanding requirements of maximizing living space and a favorable environment.
It is only the room that makes up the interior. All non-living elements such as corridors and stairs are located outside and are not included in the volume and building area. As a result, the superior environment is derived from the abundant external space, while securing the largest possible room in a limited volume.
Family members need to go outside once to go back and forth between rooms. However, if you go outside and look from the stairs, you can see all the rooms and confirm the existence of your family.
Individuals share their relationships as a family while becoming independent. Such a family relationship is contained in a space surrounded by concrete walls.

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