Duares Kojimachi


  • Design: SATOH Hirotaka Noguchi Masahiro
  • Site: 5 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • Use: Apartment
  • Structure: RC 10th floor
  • Site area: 279.88m2
  • Building area: 174.16m2
  • Total floor area: 1,281.39m2
  • Completion: 2012.11
  • Design: SATOH Hirotaka Architects
  • Construction: Fukuda-gumi
  • Sales: Vans Invest Management


Condominium in Kojimachi.
It is located in an excellent location with a view of the garden at Sophia University.
In the competition, the other plan was a one-floor five-dwelling unit plan, but only our company increased the height by one layer, and laid out the four plans on the one floor in a simple cross-shaped configuration, and the proposal was adopted.
The lower floor is a studio, and the upper floor is a unit for families.
The exterior was a striped pattern with white tiles of different gloss.
The expression changes depending on the weather and time of day.
The entrance is simple and effectively uses Corten steel, mirrors, and Yukihana glass.

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