Design: SATOH Hirotaka Kazuo Otsubo
Site: Ota-ku, Tokyo
Structure: steel frame
Use: Dedicated house
Site area: 67.77㎡
Building area: 40.41㎡
Total floor area: 114.35㎡
Completion: 2004.01
Structural design: Yumiko Kamiya / round table
Equipment design: Yasuhiro Watanabe / Tetens


A three-story house built in a narrow area of ​​central Tokyo. Because of the built site, the surrounding area is closed and moderate slits are provided to ensure a good environment. The exterior is based on black and the interior is based on white for contrast, creating a tight space.
In the center of the site, vertical and horizontal elements such as courtyards, stairs, and bridges (gratings) were arranged to create horizontal and vertical lines of sight from each room. As a result, each living room is continuous, and the space is larger than the actual area. Each room has ample lighting and ventilation.
Despite the narrow frontage, the first floor approaches from the light court. The second floor, which changes the height of the ceiling, visually gives a sense of connection. The third floor where the sky spreads from the high side. The space with the change is continuous in the limited size.

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