Steps V


  • Design: SATOH Hirotaka Shinta Takeda
  • Site: Nagareyama City, Chiba Prefecture
  • Use: Dedicated house
  • Size: 2 stories above wooden
  • Site area: 120.53m2
  • Building area: 43.47m2
  • Total floor area: 86.94m2
  • Structure: Masayuki Takada / RGB STRUCTURE
  • Completion: 2012.11
  • Construction: MOA +
  • Photo: SATOH Hirotaka


Wooden two-story house consisting of five floors. A comfortable atrium, easy-to-use underfloor storage, loft, terrace, etc. are realized by devising the floor configuration.
The structure of each floor is ambiguous, and the floors are continuous from the first floor to the roof, creating a space that is easy to communicate and has a sense of openness.
The outer wall is made of Japanese traditional baked cedar, an excellent traditional material. Yakisugi has the effect of improving insect repellency, preservation and fire resistance by making the wood surface charcoal. This time, the effect is further enhanced by using a plate that has not been brushed and left as it is. In addition, leaving charcoal as much as possible makes it difficult to lose color due to aging, and the texture of weathering is very natural and beautiful.
A heat pump is used as the heat source for floor heating, and heat can be stored in the building foundation with midnight power. Heat pumps are about three times more efficient than heating wires, and can reduce running costs by using midnight power. Moreover, the entire first floor from the entrance to the bathroom has a heating effect, making it very comfortable. In summer, it can be used as auxiliary cooling by circulating cold water.

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