Design: SATOH Hirotaka Kajikawa
Site: Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Structure: Wooden partly reinforced concrete
Use: Dedicated house
Site area: 93.33㎡
Building area: 46.32㎡
Total floor area: 110.59㎡
Completion: 2005.03
Structural design: Alpha Structural Design Office
Construction: Honma Construction
Photo: SATOH Hirotaka


This house is composed of two rectangular parallelepiped volumes, white and black. The white volume is 2 floors above ground, and the black volume is half basement + XNUMX floors above ground. Since each floor has a different height, each floor is a skipped floor, obscuring the floor configuration and giving the space continuity. From the semi-underground space to the rooftop, a complex space is developed, though it is a simple plane.

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