SATOH Hirotaka Architects

Wood-framed house / Climbing house
Raiden Town, Furukawa City, Ibaraki Prefecture



Two wooden two-story homes for sale in the suburbs. Both buildings are characterized by the structural expression of wood, but with different personalities. In addition, the partition of the private room will be a plan that can be easily removed in the future, and it will be a house that can flexibly respond to changes in lifestyle.
[House of wood group]
We call this half-timbered roof frame a twist truss. By crossing the frame used in the large space called the scissors truss three-dimensionally, the horizontal strength is increased and a solid structure is realized.
[Climbing house]
A large space is constructed by combining the climbing beams in a truss shape at the top, creating a stairwell LDK and a private room with a high ceiling. Expressing the climbing beam gives the space a personality.