SATOH Hirotaka Architects

Dear Challenger

We are trying to bring new value to society through architecture.
From overseas projects to large commercial facilities and renovation of vintage condominiums, various scales, applications and various projects are in progress.
We are seeking people who can share our goals and pursue them together.

・ We can be involved in everything from the planning stage to design, supervision and maintenance after completion.
・ There is no sales person, and the main order is in the competition, which improves presentation skills.
・ New graduates can also improve their skills through practical work. We also focus on adult training, such as manner training.
-There is also an audio product business, so you can develop a wide range of insights that are not limited to architecture.
・ We actively recommend acquiring qualifications while working.
・ After independence in the future, you can collaborate as a partner.
・ In addition to full-time, we are also looking for people who want to work flexibly, such as shortening hours and selecting days of the week, for childcare and part-time jobs.


New graduates and graduates do not matter. (However, you must have a professional education in architecture)
Foreigners must be able to communicate in Japanese.

Regular employees (new graduates), regular employees (midway), contract employees
Full weekly two-day holiday
Annual paid leave (10 days from the first year)
Senior Architect: ¥ 40 / month ~
Associate: About ¥ 30 / month ~
Assistant: About ¥ 21 / month (about ¥ 19 + allowance) ~
* Practitioners will be determined based on their experience and skills.
* The profits of the company will be returned to employees as incentives.
Model monthly income: Associate for 5 years after joining the company 36 yen (in case of incentive of 4 yen)
Health insurance, employee pension insurance, employment insurance, work injury insurance
Commuting allowance Short-range allowance (2 yen within 2 km walk from office) Family allowance
There may be a two month trial period before formal hiring.
* The salary during the trial period is around ¥ 164,800.

Recruitment applicant

First, please contact us using the form below.