Audio brand SYRINX established

The audio brand "SYRINX" has been established. We applied for a speaker patent on April 4, and have published our website.

SYRINX is a speaker with the theme of harmony between sound, space and heart. In pursuit of infinitely clear sound, the sound melts into the space. In everyday life, we aim to be a speaker that conveys the joy of sound to our hearts.

Why architects have audio brands?
Most people have questions.

That was because there was no speaker that I wanted to use in the designed space.
Like design, sound was more of an issue.
As always, I thought, "Let's make it myself!" And started researching and producing speakers.

However, when I try to make a speaker, I realize that the sound of commercially available speakers is only elaborate in design, and I can't help wondering if I'm serious about developing the sound that is essential.
The encounter with Ensound's advocating soft enclosure was also a big catalyst.

I want to fill the space with beautiful speakers and open and comfortable sounds.From that thought, I have finally completed a speaker that can be satisfied for two years and hope that as many people as possible can enjoy good sounds. Was.

It has a flexible body using refined genuine leather, which is unlike a speaker.
In various studies, the leather that seemed to sound the best was leather tanned in a traditional way in Florence, Italy. When I met this leather, I learned that real Italian leather is such leather.

The more speakers there are, the harder it is to reproduce the original sound, and the more the sound is collected. It is suitable for any music as long as each instrument of the orchestra, which includes many instruments from low to high, can be properly separated and reproduced.

If you play the orchestra on SYRINX, you'll see that the resolution and clarity stand out compared to conventional speakers. You can audition at our company. We would be glad if you could give us your feedback.