Forest and sika deer leather

I am currently a lecturer at the University of Tokyo. While studying monuments and materials in the design issue, I was concerned about the relationship between forests and civilizations, so I read and studied various documents.

Many of the civilizations that began with Sumer lived together with the forest from birth to decline, and civilization was born with the forest and died with the loss of the forest. Springs up.

Since the Industrial Revolution, the main source of energy has shifted from trees to fossil fuels, and it has become less common for trees to be cut off as an energy source, as in ancient civilizations. However, globally, deforestation continues to be excessively deforested and burned to the extent that it cannot be recovered, in order to support the rapidly growing population. In the nearby Japanese forests, deer and wild boars are increasing, and the bark of existing trees and freshly planted saplings can be eaten.

See if you can do anything, and be part of a sustainable business. While thinking so, I came across Ezo deer leather.

Sika deer live throughout Hokkaido and are the largest of the sub-species of sika deer. Because of its strong reproductive power and the destruction of wolf natural enemies, it has increased until it has completely destroyed forest vegetation. Therefore, it is important for forests, sika deer and humans to maintain an appropriate population in order to build a good symbiotic relationship in the future. Since 22, more than 10 sika deer have been caught every year to control the population. However, ezo deer leather is simply discarded, with scars unique to wildlife on the surface, unstable supplies, and little use.

We have destroyed the wolf for our own reasons and believe that we have a responsibility to take the Sika deer's life. So, first of all, what I can do is use this sika deer leather as a SYRINX speaker.
About sika deer leather

SYRINX, which proposes new ways to use leather, does not waste, respects, and respects the life of this natural blessing of Hokkaido, "Ezo deer," and uses it carefully until the end. We want to expand the new possibilities of Ezo deer leather, let many people know its existence, and spread the effective use of Ezo deer leather to society.