• Design: Hirotaka Sato, Takeshi Hokari
  • Site: 2-14-1 EX CHIBA EX, Fujimi, Chuo Ward, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture
  • Use: Commercial building
  • Building area: 1048.22m2
  • Total floor area: 7689.21m2
  • Completion: 2008.12.05
  • Structure: Alpha Structural Design Office
  • Equipment: Tetens office
  • Lighting: Sora Associates
  • Art: Plaplax
  • Construction: Takenaka Corporation
  • Photo: Koichi Torimura, Hirotaka Sato
  • Award: 6th NISC Isoband Design Contest / Kazuhiro Kojima Prize


The site faces the busy scramble crossing, and we aimed to create a core facility that would transform the aging cityscape in front of Chiba Station.
The flow line space is concentrated in the atrium on the shopping street side, and the design is open to the shopping street through a highly transparent curtain wall. By doing so, it is a bustling space that is integrated with the shopping street.
In addition, an organic graphic design by plaplax is inserted in the 5-story atrium facing the intersection to strengthen its landmark character.
The building name "EX" is a prefix that means "to the outside" in English. With this building as the starting point, it is named with the idea that the entire district will develop attractively by disseminating various information and stimuli.

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