Atami Beachside Hotel


  • Design and Supervision: Hironao Sato Architectural Design, Wakabayashi Architectural Design Office
  • Person in charge: Hironao Sato, Tatsuhiko Ikeda (Hironao Sato Architectural Design)
  • Nao Wakabayashi, Yuki Hisamatsu (Wakabayashi Architectural Design Office)
  • Interior design: Jamor Associates
  • Structural design: Tsuyoshi Inoue Structural Design Office
  • Creative Direction: Bunkaseijin
  • Art Direction: DRAWER
  • Construction: Ishii Construction
  • Photo: Hirohisa Sato
  • Site: 3-5 Wadahama Minamicho, Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Use: Hotel
  • Structure: Reinforced concrete construction, 9 floors above ground, 1 floor below ground
  • Land area: 524.08㎡
  • Building area: 329.17㎡
  • Total floor area: 2,203.91㎡
  • Completion: 2022.12


A newly built hotel overlooking Atami Sun Beach. Atami's fireworks festival is held right in front of you. In order to take advantage of this view, we carefully designed it.
Intermediate beams (almost reversed beams) are used, and all windows are open openings without beams.
The floor level of the terrace is lower than the floor of the room, and the height of the handrail that can be seen from the room is kept low so as not to obstruct the view. Furthermore, the handrail of the terrace on the top floor is a detail in which the wooden counter floats in the air.

The eaves are made of cypress, giving the town a warm atmosphere. Especially at night, when the trees are lit up, the soft expression of the trees emerges in the cityscape of Atami.
The common areas on the 1st and 2nd floors are also connected to the outside by the eaves' wooden ceilings, creating a space that gently welcomes visitors.

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