Message from the sky


  • Designed by: SATOH Hirotaka Doyo Shimoya Ryohei Tsutsui Takekari Hokari Youta Otsuka
  • Site: Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
  • Use: Dedicated house
  • Structure: Reinforced concrete 3 floors above ground
  • Site area: 188.26m2
  • Building area: 112.04m2
  • Total floor area: 300.73m2
  • Structure: Koji Tsuboi Structural Design Office
  • Completion: 2014.01
  • Construction: Mizusawa Corporation
  • Photo: SATOH Hirotaka


Design for Asia Awards Merit Award


"I want to feel the sky"
That was the challenge for this house.
In the environment built in the city center, a top light was set up to satisfy this desire, and the effect was amplified.
"Cool morning clear sky"
"Strong sunlight in summer"
`` The sky of dark blue that deepened the living color ''
"Snow has begun to pile up"
"Polka dots after the rain"
The expression of the sky that changes every moment is repeated and spreads infinitely.
Sometimes it creates stunning patterns, sometimes it looks like the ocean floor,
The empty message of each moment is amplified and revealed.
This house is a filter to abstract and feel the sky

The exterior walls are covered with natural slate by the exterior insulation method, and floor heating is adopted using structural concrete as a heat storage body to achieve a comfortable and stable indoor environment.
The interior is finished with cedar paneling and traditional earthen walls.

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