Message from the sky


  • Design: Hirotaka Sato, Junya Doyoshita, Ryohei Tsutsui, Takeshi Hokari, and Yota Otsuka
  • Site: Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
  • Purpose: Private residence
  • Structure: Reinforced concrete structure, 3 floors above ground
  • Site area: 188.26m2
  • Building area: 112.04m2
  • Total floor area: 300.73m2
  • Structure: Koji Tsuboi Structural Design Office
  • Completion: 2014.01
  • Construction: Mizusawa Construction
  • Photo: Hirotaka Sato


Design for Asia Awards Merit Award


"I want to feel the sky"
That was the problem with this house.
In order to satisfy this desire in the built-up environment of the city center, we installed a skylight and amplified its effect.
"A clear sky on a cold morning"
"Summer Strong Sunshine"
"Dark blue sky with deepening twilight"
"Snow starting to pile up"
"Polka dots after rain"
The expression of the sky, which changes from moment to moment, is repeated and spreads infinitely.
Sometimes it creates a splendid pattern, sometimes it takes on the color of the seabed,
Empty messages from time to time are amplified and manifested.
This house is a filter for abstracting and feeling the sky

The external walls are made of natural slate, which is a heat-insulating method, and floor heating, which uses structural concrete as a heat storage medium, is used to achieve a comfortable and stable indoor environment.
The interior is finished with cedar paneling and traditional mud walls.

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