Design: Hirotaka Sato Junya Doyoshita Yota Otsuka
Site: 1-4-3 Shinsenri Higashimachi, Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Use: Restaurant
Completion: 2008.10
Planning: Tokyo Great Visual
Construction: Hakusuisha
Photo: Hirotaka Sato


Located on the 1st floor of Senri Central Hospital, which opened in 2008, we designed the interior of the restaurant, which was planned in total from the interior to the menu and service based on the concept of health.
Senri was originally a hilly area with bamboo forests. Bamboo grows very quickly and has long been a symbol of health and vitality. It is also considered to be one of the clean plants because of its green and straight growth.
It is exactly the material that is suitable for the place called Senri and the concept of health.
With this bamboo theme, we used bamboo from the flooring and walls to the display. By arranging green bamboo through the glass and lighting, we produced a refreshing space that seems to have been inserted into the outside space.

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