concave garden


Design: Hirotaka Sato, Kazuo Otsubo
Site: Ota-ku, Tokyo
Structure: Steel frame
Use: Private residence
Site area: 67.77㎡
Building area: 40.41㎡
Total floor area: 114.35㎡
Completion: 2004.01
Structural Design: Yumiko Kamiya/Round Table Equipment Design: Yasuhiro Watanabe/Tatens


A three-story house built on a small plot of land in the city center. Since the site is a built-in site, the surrounding area is closed and appropriate slits are provided to ensure a good environment. The exterior is based on black, and the interior is based on white to add contrast, creating a tight space.
In the center of the site, elements such as a courtyard, stairs, and a bridge (grating) are arranged vertically to create horizontal and vertical lines of sight from each room. As a result, each living room is continuous, creating a space that is more expansive than the actual area. Each room has plenty of light and ventilation.
Despite the narrow frontage, the first floor is approached from a light court. The 2nd floor is visually connected with a sense of expansiveness by changing the ceiling height. The 3rd floor where the sky spreads from the high side. The space with variation is continuously connected within a limited size.

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