• Design: Hirotaka Sato Kazuro Otsubo
  • Site: Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • Structure: Wooden partly reinforced concrete
  • Uses: beauty salons, residences
  • Site area: 97.78m2
  • Building area: 56.57m2
  • Total floor area: 123.61m2
  • Completion: 2006.01
  • Structural Design: Masahiro Kato / MI+D Structural Research Institute
  • Construction: Honma Construction
  • Photos: Hiroyuki Hirai, Hirotaka Sato


This building is a house combined with a store with a slightly unusual configuration, with a hideaway esthetic salon on the first and second floors and a bedroom on the third floor.
What is a little strange is that the function of the residential part is only a bedroom and a bathroom.
For cooking and relaxing in the living room, the lounge of the store fulfills its function.
The first floor is RC and lounge. The second floor and above are made of wood, with the treatment room on the second floor, the bedroom and bathroom on the third floor, and each floor connected by an external staircase.
The building is a unique fusion of store and residential functions.

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