Design: Hirotaka Sato Kazuro Otsubo
Site: Shirokane, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Structure: Reinforced concrete
Use: Residential
Site area: 37.71㎡
Building area: 25.83㎡
Total floor area: 122.59㎡
Completion: 2006.03
Construction: sobi
Photos: Hiroyuki Hirai, Hirotaka Sato


The site is 37.7m2, and the building area is 7.8 tsubo. It has a lean and simple structure with living rooms stacked on the east side where the front road is located, and a staircase and an elevator on the west side.
In order to make the space feel as spacious as possible in a limited area, the staircase is made of glass so that the view from the east side facing the road to the west side can be seen through. The counter of the sink is also suspended in the air to ensure a visual spread.
The building was stripped of as many elements as possible, the floor plan was kept as compact as possible, and the finish was bare concrete. Minimal kitchen. Useless elements have been eliminated to the limit. The presence of the stairs is emphasized in the glass-enclosed space where there is nothing to block the view, and it is used as a highlight.

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