red plum blossoms under snow


  • Design: Hirotaka Sato
  • Production and sales: Hidemitsu
  • Production: 2009.02
  • Fabric provided by: MANAS TRADING


Fritz Hansen designed a cover for the exhibition to commemorate the revival in Japan of Fritz Hansen's chair "SPIN" which was discontinued in 2007. The title "Kobai Yukishita" is one of the colors of the twelve-layered ceremonial kimono. Representing red plum blossoms buried in the snow, it makes us feel the arrival of spring in the bitter cold. It is a scene that makes you feel strength and warmth in the freezing weather.
In order to express the layering of snow and the color of crimson, the dark crimson fabric is wrapped in four thin and soft laces.
We thought it would be appropriate to commemorate the revival of "SPIN" in Japan by expressing the traditional Japanese aesthetic sense that has continued since the Heian period, reflecting the beauty of nature and the emotions that accompany it.

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