Steps II


Design: Hirotaka Sato, Atsushi Nakaya
Site: Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Structure: Reinforced concrete section Use: Private residence
Site area: 78.10m2
Building area: 56.29m2
Total floor area: 278.30m2
Completion: 2007.02
Construction: sobi
Photos: Hiroyuki Hirai, Hirotaka Sato


A concrete house with 1 basement floor and 5 floors above ground. Although it has a simple flat shape, the ceiling height and brightness are well-balanced, and the maximum volume is secured while having a three-dimensionally complicated structure like building blocks.
The living room on the top floor is an atrium space with a view of the skyscrapers in the city center, and is connected to the roof terrace in three dimensions.
Concrete was used as the material for the details, from the kitchen to the washbasin.
Non-combustible wood is used for the finish on the road side, which is structurally a non-bearing wall.

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