Steps III


Design: SATOH Hirotaka Naito Masayuki
Site: Oyama, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Structure: Wooden
Size: 3 floors above ground
Use: Dedicated house
Site area: 67.50m2
Building area: 39.74m2
Total floor area: 106.81m2
Completion: 2007.07
Structural design: Taro Yokoyama / Low Fat Structure
Construction: Honma Construction
Photo by Koichi Torimura
     SATOH Hirotaka


A house for two couples on a narrow alley facing the alley.
The house is constructed by inserting floors at various heights into four consecutive U-shaped structural walls.
Floors of different heights create a variety of gaps in the gaze and the scale of the space, enclosing expansion and change in a limited space.
In planning, we established a system that can be deployed in various ways, and then converged to a specific space according to the client's life and the context of the site.
The reason for using "dan-no-e" without using proper nouns is that it is thought that there is a generality that can be developed while responding flexibly to individual lives and places.

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