Verde Nakayama


  • Design: Hirotaka Sato, Takeshi Hokari, Junya Doyoshita
  • Site: In front of JR Yokohama Line Nakayama Station
  • Use: Commercial facility
  • Structure: RC 5th floor
  • Site area: 1242.19m2
  • Building area: 1158.50m2
  • Total floor area: 5440.52m2
  • Completion: 2010.04
  • Construction: Shimizu Building Life Care
  • Photo: Hirotaka Sato


Complete renovation of the building in front of the station, which is directly connected to the station. With the closure of the existing store, all parts except the pachinko parlor on the first floor were renovated while the first floor remained open.
The biggest issue in the renewal was the improvement of flow lines. The existing building had problems with the flow line from the pedestrian deck (pedestrian corridor) to the main entrance, and the approach to each floor, making leasing difficult. Therefore, while using the existing shafts as much as possible, we installed new escalators and changed the direction, making the flow line from the 1st floor to the main entrance smooth and changing the approach to each floor in an easy-to-understand manner.
The entrance is designed as if the existing building was hollowed out, the existing walls were removed as much as possible to create an opening, and the ceiling was raised as high as possible. At the same time, by brightening the ceiling surface, visibility from the pedestrian deck, station rotary, and station platform is enhanced.
Silver balls are used as lighting fixtures, which are suspended in a grid pattern to illuminate the ceiling. It is generally thought that incandescent lamps have a short life, but in fact, if the illuminance is reduced to 50% or less, the life of the lamp will be about 20 times longer. A lamp rated for 2,000 hours will last 40,000 hours or more, which is the same as an LED, and if used for 5 hours a day, the bulb will not need to be replaced for 20 years.
The virtual and real images of the lamp reflected on the glass are designed to be continuous at the same pitch or overlap, creating a fantastic effect as if the interior space continues to the outside.

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