Design: Hirotaka Sato, Arata Yamashita (joint design)
Site: Makuhari Hongo, Hanamigawa Ward, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture
Structure: Steel frame
Use: Cram school, nursery school
Site area: 505.19m2
Building area: 304.18m2
Total floor area: 595.24m2
Completion: 2003.11
Joint design: Yamashita Arata
Structural design: Yumiko Kamiya / round table
Equipment design: Yasuhiro Watanabe / Tetens
Construction: Sankei
Photo: Hiroyuki Hirai


This building is a complex facility consisting of a nursery school and a cram school.
As for the layout, the linear plan is bent into a Z shape according to the special site shape. The resulting blank space becomes a dynamic front garden for approach and a static courtyard for play and appreciation.
The nursery school and cram school, each with its own style, are separated horizontally and vertically through the entrance in the center of the first floor, and access flow lines are clearly arranged. The front yard and courtyard are also segmented into the entrance, creating a sense of spatial depth and openness, and bringing visual interaction to different facilities and functions.
The façade and internal partitions made of glass transmit the activity inside and outside the facility. The space where various information and stimuli are shared and manifested symbolizes a highly transparent educational philosophy.

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