SATOH Hirotaka Architects

Message from the sky 2
Jingumae, Minato-ku, Tokyo



The Architecture MasterPrize 2018 (USA)
Asia Design Prize 2018
2017 Good Design Award


Message from the skyThe second work.
It is common to the previous work that the expression of the sky that changes every moment is repeated and spreads infinitely.
The difference from the previous work is that the top and bottom traffic lines are placed below the top light, so that you can experience the sky pattern drawn by the top light on the third floor from the moment you enter the entrance on the first floor.
Next, in the private room on the third floor, the part facing the top light is a half mirror, and the effect of the top light can be enjoyed from inside the room. Also, the relationship between visible and invisible is reversed day and night due to the difference in brightness between the interior and exterior.
No matter where you are, you can feel the abstract sky.