Vintage Mansion Renovation 3 Sound Insulation

One of the weaknesses of vintage apartments is their sound insulation. The measures taken this time are summarized.

| About sound insulation

Old buildings such as vintage apartments generally have thinner floors and less sound insulation than current buildings.
Mita Tsunamachi Park MansionIn, the sound absorbing material + anti-vibration double floor (floor floor), carpet finish of the living room is specified.

| About floor

The mainstream of floors is products that make the floor base on rubber feet. Select a product based on sound insulation grade. This time, I chose a type that lays glass wool under the floor.

However, even if the construction method is bad, there is not much effect.

The mechanism of the floor is to separate the skeleton from the floor, and not to transmit the floor vibration to the skeleton. The important thing is to fit the wall.
The joint between the wall and the floor is usually fixed with a material known as a joist. However, if joists are used at this time, the vibration will propagate to the skeleton and the floor will not be meaningful. In order to avoid this problem, it is necessary to use a system joist instead of a joist, so that the floor and the frame do not touch each other.
It doesn't make sense to pay much effort and take anti-vibration measures if it doesn't work. This is a point that requires close supervision.

Mita Tsunamachi Park Mansion Renovation Wall and Floor

(System joist. The outer periphery of the floor is fixed to this material and cut off from the frame.)

| About Reverse Beam

Mita Tsunamachi Park Apartment Renovation Mita Tsunamachi Park Apartment Renovation

Mita Tsunamachi Park MansionThen, there is a reverse beam in the center of the living room. The reverse beam part has no floor wall and cannot be placed on the floor.
However, since it is the center of the room, it is an important part for sound insulation.

Mita Tsunamachi Park Apartment Renovation

This renovationThen, pass the system joists to the left and right of the reverse beam, secure a little clearance on the reverse beam, and pass the ground plywood. However, the strength is insufficient when the plywood is suspended in the air. It is normal to fill with mortar, etc., but that will greatly impair the sound insulation.

Mita Tsunamachi Park Apartment Renovation Mita Tsunamachi Park Apartment Renovation

Therefore, a hole was made in the plywood as appropriate, and the gap between the inverted beam and the plywood was filled with urethane foam through the hole. In this way, transmission of vibration can be suppressed and construction is easy.

These parts are invisible but important. I think the benefits of architects renovating not only design but also performance are great.

Mita Tsunamachi Park Mansion Renovation System Jota