Levena gear / seatpost replacement

Revena gear replacement

Bridgestone's 18-inch bicycle for children, Bridgestone's Levena is getting smaller, so I replaced the gear and seatpost.

[Prepared items]

  • Replacement Crank 36T 127mm (Rinei W Guard Gear Crankset)
  • Seatpost 27.2mm 300mm (TIOGA AL2000)
  • Without cotterless
  • Chain cutter
  • Replacement chain
  • Ordinary tools (hex wrench, monkey wrench)

[About exchange]

Revena has a too light gear ratio, so if you grow a little, you'll want to make it heavier.However, even if I try to change the gear, there is not much information on the net, so I will upload it for reference.Since the rear wheel gear cannot be changed, it is easy to replace the entire gear crank with pedals.The crank used is 127mm 36T, and if it is larger than this, it may interfere with the frame.This product is perfect because it is black in color.On the other side, the genuine crank is made of aluminum and is light, so it is better to leave it as it is.

Revena gear replacement Comparison of old and new crank sizes.It will be much larger.

【important point】

Remove the pedal, replace the crank on the chain side, and replace the chain.Also, replace the seatpost before and after that.You can find out more about each task by searching the net.There is nothing special about it, it's all the same as a regular car.If you're used to it, it's nothing.However, since I have never played with a bicycle, it took a long time.It took time to remove the pedal (too hard) and replace the chain.In particular, the length of the chain does not match, and it will inevitably loosen.I noticed it after I was worried, but I can adjust it by pulling the chain later. (It's natural.) Basically, all you need is a tool, and I think it's all you can do yourself.

[After replacement]

Levena is a very well made children's bike, characterized by being very light (7.9kg). If you replace it with a 22-inch one, it will weigh 11 to 13 kg at a stretch.There is no alternative, so many people may want to ride a little longer.I think that it can be used as it is until it can ride 26 inches (or 24 inches) with this exchange.What's more, the plastic chain cover, which looks like a children's bicycle, is no longer a gear crank with a guard, and it looks refreshing and looks like a sports bike.If this happens, I think I'll remove the cool mudguard.It's a Levena Sport version because you can change gears and get better speed.

It would be perfect if I replaced the stem or handlebar with a servo brake and replaced it with a servo brake, but I actually bought a 24-inch one, so I'll leave it here.It seems to be useful for driving around the neighborhood for a while.