Website renewal

Today, we have completed the migration of the contents of the old website to the new system as it is.The old system has been in use for a long time, about 2005 years since 17.It is a light, flexible, and easy-to-customize excellent system that has been the core of our site for a long time.However, it realizes what we want to develop in the future ...

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The Architecture MasterPrize 2018

Architecture Master Prize 2018

This time, "Message from the sky 2", which was designed and supervised by our company, received the "The Architecture Master Prize 2018" held in the United States.Official Introduction Page This award event will be held in 2019 at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spain ...

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"Connecting Architecture and Products" Exhibition

From November 11st to 1th, we will hold an exhibition "Connecting Architecture and Products" at Shinjuku Park Tower OZONE 13F.An exhibition that mixes architecture and products will unravel the design approaches of both.We also display and sell leather products.A seminar (free admission) will also be held on the final day.Date: 4/11 ...

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NHK  Eテレ「デザイン トークス+(プラス)」放送

NHK E-Tele "Design Talks + (Plus)" broadcast

The house "Message 2 from the Sky" will be featured on NHK E-Tele "Design Talks + (Plus)" broadcast tomorrow. "The Architecture MasterPrize 2018" (USA), "Asia Design Prize 2018" (Asia), "2017 Good Design Award" (Sun ...

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ASJ 建築家のアスリートたち(FMラジオ)

ASJ Architect Athletes (FM Radio)

We were invited to "ASJ Presents Architects Athletes" (FM Radio) to talk about architecture and leather products.XNUMX minutes of tension and excitement, as it is a program in which wonderful architects such as Tadao Ando and Kengo Kuma also appeared!We had a very good time together. AS ...

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Notice of rebroadcast of NHK WORLD TV "DESIGN TALKS plus"

This is an announcement of the rebroadcast of the NHK WORLD TV program "DESIGN TALKS plus" that appeared the other day. Under the theme of "Celestial connections", three cases from various fields were introduced, and "Message from the Sky 3" was featured as one of them.Broadcast on BS2 or N ...

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